Friday, October 12, 2012

Letter from Shallon

I received such a beautiful letter from Shallon today:

My mother Beverly Sykes,

Let me take this opportunity to thank God who has given me this golden chance to greet you.  How are you, my mother?  I have taken a long time without talking with you and I thank God for this chance.   Really, my mother, I am happy to see my photo copy.  Thank you very much for the gift you sent to me.

I have read your letters but I was not happy with your knees.  I want a story about what happened to get that damage?  But I thank God who has given you that cane which help your knees to feel better. Really that is a good thing.

How is your husband, Ned, Brianna, baby Lacie and your friends?  Tell your friends that I love them.

We are in wet season where we are planting millet and beans, which you have said that beans some people call it a super food.  You have asked me whether I have ever eaten a cherry.  Surely I have never eaten it.  Which color does a cherry have?

My mother, I got the position which is the same with last term's position.  I was fifth out of eighty one students in our class.  I don't know whether next term I am going to get a new position.  If it is a new position I am going to increase because our class has many students like two hundred and above students.

I am happy with the verse you sent to me because it has improved me to have love with my friends.  I thank God and you very much because you have helped me in many things.  When my mother died, I didn't know that I was going to get another mother like you.  Praise the Lord.

I think that I will write to you soon.  I wish you nice time.  May God bless you.

From your daughter, Katusiime Shallon.


  1. My Mother, Beverly.... Awwww. <3 That is so special! I love it!

    "When my mother died, I didn't know that I was going to get another mother like you. Praise the Lord." Wow. Cue the tears. That is beautiful! :sniff:

  2. Oh wow that last line made me cry. Beautiful letter!

  3. What a beautiful letter!! I could see that she was really overcome with emotions and was trying to get all of them out of her heart and onto the paper. Sp precious!!!

  4. What a sweet letter! I love the way she phrases things.