Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Letter from Samuel

27th July 2013

The season is now dry.  It is now cold.  Around this time the farmers are harvesting.  When the weather is sunny, I like to play. When the weather is rainy I like to sleep.  My favorite kind of weather is sunny.  On my last birthday the weather was sunny.  Last Christmas the weather was rainy.

"How are you?"  Samuel asks.  He says that he is doing well.  He asks how you are doing?  He is thanking and appreciating you for the letter you sent.  He says that his family is well and that during his free time he plays soccer with his friends.  He wishes that one day you will meet each other.  He's thanking you for your love, kindness, support upon his life and your being there.  You have really his life positively.  May the Lord God Almighty reward and bless you richly.

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  1. It sounds like you're getting a lot of "Weather" themed letters. Samuel sounds like a sweetheart--I hope that you will be able to meet him someday!