Thursday, April 2, 2015

Letter from Venkana

Dear Sponsor Beverly Sykes,

I am fine and I hope you are also fine and my family are safe hee.  I hope that your family is also fine.  Tom standing very well.

I like to do the things with my family.  I play ball with the members of my family and enjoyed in family.  I like to  know about your life.

My family lives in a thanda.

[I don't know if this is a thanda, but this is what I found on Google images]

My father works as a farmer.  My mother also lives in my house with me and my elder sister name Jgotha.  She age is 22.  i like to play games with my family also.  My mother works housework.  My brother and sister we also study studies.  My brother is in 10th class.  We have television.  We used to listen to music at home.

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