Friday, July 24, 2015

Letter from Annie Rose

May 30, 2015

Dear Auntie Beverly Sykes,

Hello!  Good day!  How are you?  For me, I'm fine.  I'm on grade 5.  June 1, our school class will be [pa?] start.  I am very much excited to see my friends and classmates.

You know, Auntie, our place still was so hot.  Some grass are wilted, those small creek are waterless.

Auntie, even  you don't have hair, you still look pretty.  But it look like a man also.

This time I cook viand like fried egg and noodles.  I want to cook a vegetables but my mother did not allow me.  She's start to teach me how to cook vegetables.  I keep watching and familiarizing for the procedure

Auntie thank you very much for continuing helping an support my studies.  It help so much to me and my family.  I pray always that you will getting better and safe by our God protection.  Not only for you but for all your families.  Thank you and God bless.

Memory Verse:  Proverbs 12:1
To accept correction is wise; to reject it is stupid.


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