Thursday, July 30, 2015

Letter from Briana


Dear Beverly Sykes,

I am very happy to write this letter to you in order to answer your interesting questions.  How are you and your family?  How are your activities?  Psalms 1 contains many good things that prevent you from falling into any Satan pit.

Yes I know Joseph story.

I am fine today, thanks to God.  Yes I heard about snowstorm before in Canada, where my older foster brother lives.  Yes, I dance tango.  It is one of my favorite dances following Rap dance.  I enjoy cooking.  I have been taught by mom.  My favorite food is rice and beans; beef and macaroni.  It tastes good.  I hoe you already taste it.  It is a succulent dish.

On the same occasion I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.  I encourage you to read Job story to increase your faith.

I leave you here.

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