Friday, October 8, 2010

Christmas in October

You have to think and plan far in advance, since it takes about two months for a birthday or Christmas gift to get to the children. I wasn't on time last year, but this year I'm on top of things. I sent a $20 gift to each of the three sponsored children and a larger family gift to Fred's family. The individual monetary gifts are all pooled and gifts given to all the children in a center, whether they receive something from their sponsors or not. Family gifts are given directly to the family.

I found little gifts to send to each child with a Christmas card. There were sticker books of a Nativity scene or angel pictures printed on tissue paper that the children can color and hang in a window like stained glass. Gifts can be only made of paper and can't be thicker than 1/4" so it does stretch your creativity to find something appropriate!

I also sent Shallon a small calendar of photos from California. I heard a rumor that we can't send calendars. I can't figure out why. But I thought I'd give it a try anyway.

Next month I will send birthday cards to the three children who have January and February birthdays. I found cards on which you can record a message and I thought that would be fun.

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