Friday, October 1, 2010

Fred - Birthdate: 8/4/03

Fred's my guy.

He's one of the correspondence kids, which means someone else actually pays his sponsorship, but I get to write to him. I am sorry for his real sponsor because Fred's mother, Leyla, speaks and writes English very well and writes frequently, usually at least 2 times a month.

You don't get to pick your correspondence kids, though I might have picked him anyway because his first photo was so cute.

Fred lives with both parents and three sisters. He enjoys baseball, playing with cars and playing group games.

He lives on the plains of Sitio Carolling, Brgy, La Carlota City. Typical houses are constructed of bamboo and have tin roofs. The regional diet consists of fish and rice. Most adults are unemployed, but Fred's father is a tricycle driver.

Fred's mother is very religious and is always asking me how I came to know Jesus, which is a difficult question to answer since my religion is not as foremost in my mind as it is in hers.

Leyla's letters always come with a drawing from Fred, usually of a house.

I can't financially sponsor any more children because I can probably afford one more and I'm keeping my options open for the possibility of Fred's current sponsor ending his sponsorship. I'll then have first dibs on taking him.

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