Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Letter from Fred

Dear Mrs. Sykes (I have asked them to call me something less formal; we'll see what they come up with)

Have a good day!!! Hope that everything is doing good and fine. By the way, is your grandchildren attending DVBS too? (I don't know what this is, but suspect the "BS" is Bible School). Because last May 17-21 Fred attending DVBS at Bible Baptist Church. He enjoys singing new song and listening Bible Stories. He learn a lot in 1 week activities. He met a lot of friends inside the church.

He was happy when he buy his school uniform and school supplies. He was enjoy going to the center every Saturday and Sunday. Fred now is in Grade I. He was enjoying going to school every day. He woke up early in the morning just to prepare himself because he doesn't want to be late in school.

Please continue to pray for Fred's schooling and his health.

God bless you!!

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