Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Letter from Fred

In September, I wrote to ask Fred's mother to call me something other than "Mrs. Sykes." I was thrilled when she finally came up with what she wanted to call me, though it takes a little adjusting to!

Dear Auntie Sykes

Have a blessed day! May God continue to shower you a blessings every day and I hope as you read my letter you are smiling.

It seems so nice to call you Auntie Sykes and I am very happy to call you that. It sounds that we are one family that have a strong relationship for both of you and to our family.

Where d id you spend your Christmas vacation?

Fred is really studying hard and one of his inspirations is you "Auntie Sykes." That's why he is doing so good to his school activities, especially to his lessons to increase his grade.

Thank you for the calendar you send here. Fred and I like this place so much. It has a wonderful view and we believed that California is one of the most beautiful place in the world.

We always pray you and your family, Auntie Sykes, hoping that you are doing good in your business. Don't be too stressed, Auntie Sykes. Take care of your self! We love you and thank you very much! Pray for my whole family for the safety and good health.

Love, Lyra Cardinal (Fred's mother)

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