Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank you from Anjali

I sent a check to Anjali for her birthday and this is the response I received. As usual, the translator presents it as if she is transcribing an interview, which removes a level of "intimacy" from it, but I loved the photo, and Anjalil did write a little bit in English. I suspect writing is not her "thing."

She wrote:
Two frocks with the birthday gift that I received in the month of October 2010
Your loving child,
M. Anjali

and the translator wrote:
She sends greetings to in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. She asks you how you are? She tells she is fine, and she hopes the same with you. She says that she prays every day for you and she studies well.

She is expressing thanks for your gift. She says she bought two frocks for the gift. She says that she likes white and yellow colour. She once again thank you for your love and support.

On behalf of M. Anjali, [name] Sponsor Relation assistant

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