Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Letter from Fred

Dear Mrs. Sykes,

Christmas greeting!! Hope that you are in good health. By the Grace of God. We would like to tell you the improvements of Fred in his schooling. He is doing well. He knows how to read, he can know how to spell it. He study very well because he want to get a high grade and passed in this year so that he can practice reading to become a good reader at the center.

He always excited to go to the Center every Saturday to learn something special. Gospel songs and Bible stories. He is faithful every Sunday. He goes together with his younger sister.

Fred is a very good child. He is responsible and lovable to his sisters. He is helping with me if his father has work. He's the one to taking care of his sister Lyka.

What preparation do you have this coming December? Here in us we are also excited for the next year for what God has done in our lives. So please pray for family to become more faithful to God, especially Fred.

Once again, God Bless you.

Love, Lyra Cardinal (Fred's mother)

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