Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet Erick

I read the blogs of several people who also sponsor children through Compassion International. That's how I learned about Erick.

It was a woman named Michelle who had written an entry about the plight of older boys in finding sponsors. The desire is for younger children, and for girls rather than boys.

She printed this picture of Erick, from Kenya, who was born in 1987 and who looks rather stern. He is the kind of child who is more likely to be passed over in favor of a cute young little girl.

My heart went out to him instantly and I knew I would take him on as a sponsored child. I have figured all along that I could afford to sponsor four, but that would be my maximum. Thinking ahead to the possibility that at some point Fred's sponsor would stop sponsoring him, I saved that fourth slot for Fred.

But I know nothing about Fred's sponsor and for all I know he or she will follow Fred through until he graduates from the program. So I decided to use that fourth slot for this boy, who may need me now.

So I will be sponsoring Erick and I will eventually be adding more information about him, as it becomes available. Right now I'm just excited to get his information and to write that first letter to him.

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  1. Bev, thank you so much for following that tug on your heart and stepping up for Erick. I hope that you are able to form a wonderful relationship with him and I just know you are going to bless him! I will try to stop by a PO tomorrow and mail his information to you! God bless!