Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter from Briana

It's always such a surprise to hear from Briana, who lives in Haiti. I took her on shortly before the earthquake and there has been such chaos in that country for the last year (even though she's in the north, which escaped damage), that I chalk up the irregular letters to that. So it was a delight to hear from her today.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Briana greets you in God's name. How are you doing with your family? Today Briana is very happy to write you, by the grace of God. She is not too bad in spite of the cholera problem which have in Haiti. God protects all her family.

Briana did her exam for the first trimester, so she obtains a good grade of 6.99. She will have a nice Christmas with her family. She says you have prayed for her to have a nice Christmas and also for her to do good grades, the same way she will pray for you too, with your family.

She thanks you for the letters. She is very happy for the book. She sees Joseph, Mary and Jesus. To celebrate the birth of Jesus, Briana went to church.

Compassion's project will organize a nice feast for them in the 24th of December. She wishes you a happy Christmas. Briana is very happy to know that your step-mother (she means mother-in-law) is doing well, she is healing. Greet her for Briana.

She thanks you because when came to see your step-mother even though you were driving the car but you were thinking about her. She asks you what kind of vehicle do you drive?

Briana loves you a lot. Thank you. May God bless you more for the Christmas gift that you sent for her. She will guy a dress with it, also for the game that have the music that you sent.

Papa li Luma Elisee, Briana's father.

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