Friday, February 4, 2011

On the horns of a dilemma

I wrote a bit ago when I took on sponsorship for Erick that I had been saving the last "can afford" slot for Fred, in case his sponsor dropped him. But I saw that the need for an older boy in an AIDS area (where the sponsor contribution is higher than other areas) was great and so I decided to go for it and I agreed to sponsor him.

I have had his paperwork for a week and today got a call from Compassion saying that Shallon's sponsor can no longer sponsor her. Arrrgggh! Shallon and Fred, the two correspondence kids are the two that I feel the closest contact with. Can I possibly afford a fifth sponsored child? I have until March 2 to decide. She will also have the same problem that Erick does--an older child is harder to place than a younger one.

I must do something that, despite my association with Compassion, I rarely do. I must pray about it and hope I can come up with the decision that is right for everyone.

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