Monday, February 7, 2011

To Pedro

I absolutely LOVE this poster I put together for Pedro today!

And I am thrilled with how this magazine cover turned out for Anjali.


  1. Bev, these are just fantastic! Thanks for adding these suggestions to the Letter Writing Ideas thread. You always come up with good stuff. Would you mind if I add these websites to the list of sites I recommend on my blog?

  2. Ava's Mom, I always want to comment on your blog but there's no place to comment or even email you! Anyway, I love your ideas! I did want to let you know that the gift amount for graduation from the CDSP is $10 - $2000. Regular gifts can be from $10- $100. Family gifts can be from $25 - $1000 and graduation from LDP is $25 - $2000.

    Bev, these are so cool! Do you print them your self or have them printed at a real photo place?

  3. Michelle -- I printed them myself on glossy paper. I was thrilled with how well they came out.

    Ava--by all means pass them along!!! It was really on Michelle's suggestion that I found them in the first place!