Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today there was a very nice letter from Briana in Haiti. I think it's a little confusing for her to keep all of our family relationships straight!

Warm greetings to you, Beverly Sykes. How are you doing with Jesus. Briana does not feel too bad, thanks to God. She was happy to get your letters. She was glad to see your children's photographs. One is 3 years old, the other has the same name as she does. She says Happy Birthday to Brianna with good appetite too!

She asks you to tell her what did you see in China? Is it a beautiful country and what do you like there? Did you visit the entire China.

The child got a good average. She advances to grade 6. Please pray that God may always guide everything.

Briana has a favorite song saying: What a friend we have in Jesus... She likes gospel music best.

The child always prays for your family. She thanks you for the letter and photographs. May God in His love bless you more!

Her dad wrote this on her behalf.

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