Saturday, October 22, 2011

Satyavathi now lives in dignity

Dear Beverly,

Killadi Satyavathi is a 66 year old widow who lives in the village of Brahmadevam in coastal Andhra Pradesh. She has one son and three daughters, who are are married and living with their families. Satyavathi's husband passed away 2 years ago. She works as a daily laborer earning 2$ a day whenever she finds work. Until recently, she was able to successfully manage the household chores and work as a laborer. But her vision began to drop gradually, making it virtually impossible to carry on independently. She was depressed.

Satyavathi developed cataracts in both eyes, which were operated upon by Sankurathri Foundation. However, even after the surgery, she found that she needed corrective glasses in order to see well. Satyavathi, however, had no money to pay for the glasses, and thought she would continue without glasses.

Your donation, Beverly, enabled Sankurathri Foundation to provide a free pair of glasses to her. She can now perform her household chores and work as a laborer without depending on anyone.

Thank you, Beverly, for restoring Satyavathi's eyesight and restoring her dignity.

Loan made through See Your Impact.

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