Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Letter from Theresa

There was a great move to adopt all of the kids from Ghana Project #232 last month. Compassion had posted videos of the center and many of the kids. I hadn't intended to take another child, but when I saw Theresa's face, I had to adopt her (check her picture in the right hand column).

We all have been waiting for the first letters to arrive, and mine did today. She is only 4, so she can't really write, but her social worker fills in a form for her and writes a brief letter.

My family: Esi Ariguamah (mother), Kwesi Essuman (Father) and brothers Kwame Essuman and Kojo Essuman.
My Home: Village
My Favorites: color: blue; food: rice and stew; Song: Gospel; Game: Ampe (this is apparently a popular game in Africa, since many of my children from different African countries list this as their favorite game. I have seen a video of it and I can't make heads or tails out of it!); Toy: Car; Pet: Cat (Well, she can't be ALL good! LOL!)

Message for my sponsor: Theresa and her family welcome you warmly into their lives. They say thank you for your presence in their lives.

Question for my sponsor: Do you have brothers and sisters? (I will lie and say no. Four years old is too young to know that my sister was killed in 1971!)

Prayer for My Sponsor: Theresa prays for a healthy living for you and your family.

Prayer Request from child: Pray for her to love school and learn seriously.

A drawing was also included, but it was so light it was almost invisible. Fortunately, thanks to PhotoShop, I was able to darken it so I could see what it looked like. Not bad, actually for 4 years old!

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  1. That project is working fast! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing the letter.

    I am also sorry to hear about your sister. (((hugs)))