Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Letter from Briana


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Briana greets you in Jesus' name.  She asks how you and your family are.  Is your child, Brianna doing well?  She asks if your mother was totally recovered.  She says hello to everyone.  She is fine, thanks to God.  She had a great Christmas season with her family.  She asks how you have spent the Christmas holiday.

She asks if you went to your countryside.  She asks how the dog is doing.

Briana got good notes and held the 2nd place in her class.  She regularly prays for you and your whole family.  She says that she was glad to write to you.  She thanks you for the Christmas gift.  She tells you that her birthday is due to January 20th and she will be 11.  She thanks you that you think of her and pray for her.  She will keep praying fr you too.  Thanks!

Written by: her father

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