Monday, September 7, 2015

First Letter from Joham

Joham is 11

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I greet you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you very much for the letters you sent.  Honestly, I was very happy to read your letters and to see you in pictures.  I always wanted that moment to come.

Thanks to God, my family and I are doing fine.  In my country there are black and red lady bugs.  I also want to tell you that in May will celebrate Mother's Day.  It is a beautiful day to have pleasant moments together.  i also want to tell you that in June we celebrate Father's Day.  Every day I thank God for the privilege to live with my parents.  Just as it happens to you, I can imagine myself opening a box filled with many ladybugs.  I think I could have fun seeing t hem on top of each other.  It is possible that I could play with them.

My next school break will be in December.  when I have a school break I spend time with my family and neighborhood friends.  I am very happy to know that Brianna is learning to play the guitar.  I encourage her to continue to move forward.  I want to tell you that I have four sisters whose names are Claudia (25 years old), Johana (22), Diana (18), and Yeraldin (17).  I also want to tell you that I am participated in a soccer tournament with my classmates from the Child Development Center (CDC).

How are you?  How is everything going in your community?  I want to ask you to pray for the well being of my famly.  I pray for you and for yours.  May God bless you.

I say goodbye, giving you Psalm 128 1-2.


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