Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter from Brayan

Brayan is 13
Brayan is my very best letter writer EVER.  What's weird, though, is that the dates of my letters he mentions don't correspond to anything I have on file, though I recognize the things he is answering.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

How are you?  May Lord Jesus fill you with health and strength to keep moving forward. Let me tell you I'm very excited to receive all of your letters that you are so kind to send me. I'll happily answer them.  I'll start with the one dated on February 28.  Let me tell you that my brother Franklin, is 10 years old and we get along really well. We play several games.  My team has done it very well these months.  We haven't played because we are practicing and I'm in school, and I don't have time to play.  I do know soccer in Honduras.  We play it a lot.  Thank you for the  prayers you do for my grandmother.  She does like flowers, she has a garden at home.  Give your husband a hug for me.  I hope he has many more birthdays with lots of will and strength.  My mom cooks a very delicious food.  Thank you for the happy face.

Now I'll go with the letter dated on March 22.  I don't know Limbo's dance.  I would like you to give me more information.  Thank you for the photos you sent me.  The girls look very beautiful.  So do their parents.  It is nice that you are always together.  I heat my food in the stove when my mom is not home.  I've learned to light the fire and to heat my meal. I like cooking fried beans and starry eggs.  That's what I like to eat when my mom is not home.  Thank you for praying for me.

I'll go with the letter dated March 30 now.  Thank you for sending me the Wizard of Oz story and the photo.  I like going to CDC, singing cheerful praises and bible verses that help my spiritual life.  It is nice that even though you have not visited my country you have lots of information about it.  My country is beautiful and nice.  The only bad thing is that there is too much crimes and they kill people without any regrets.

I'll go with the April 6th letter now.  The festivity we have right now is Indian Lempira's Day.  It is a nice celebration because there are many boys and girls that dress up like Indians used to do.  I like it very much.  Thank you for the letter and photos of your mom and your husband.  Give them a kiss for me.  I send greetings to the girls and lots of hugs.

April 29th is next.  Congratulations to Brianna because she lost the tooth.  She seems to be a brave girl.  I encourage her to keep being brave because there are some other kids who cry.  I can imagine a beautiful landscape when you talk about the wild flowers.  We are on winter in Honduras right now.  There are rainy days and sunny days sometimes.  I do think about what I'm going to do the next day. I sleep at my mom's house.  I sleep with my brother Franklin.  Thank you for the Bible text, Jeremiah 29:11 and also for Brianna's photo.

May 22nd letter.  My family and I are healthy.  Thank you for Amy's story.  It seems that she fought for the boys and girls who suffered.  Thank you for Amy's and for India's country photos.

May 26th letter.  Thank you for the photos you sent me.  Let me tell you that there is a variety of ladybugs here in Honduras and I like seeing  them because there are many trees and grass here where I live.  You look so relaxed in the hoto.  It seems that you really like playing the guitar (I sent a picture of Ned playing the guitar...earlier he thought Ned was Walt).  I would like t know what your favorite color is.  What is your favorite animal?  What date of the year is special for you?  I always keep you in my prayers.  May God bless you with lots of health and joy.  I ask you to pray for me because I'll graduate from the 6th grade this year. I hope it is pretty and special for my family.  I wish with all my heart that God bless you every day by your family's side.  Goodbye.

He also sent maybe the best drawing I've received from any of the kids.

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