Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Kiva Loan

Yolanda, who lives in the United States is my next Kiva Loan. Heck--she makes pesto, for heaven's could I not?

Yolanda has been making her own, unique pesto sauce since 1993 and has been selling it from her small home business. She currently offers three different flavors that are made from her all natural, garden-fresh ingredients. Yolanda goes further in insuring a quality product by packaging it in light-weight PET jars that are easily recycled or reused, rather than bulky and breakable glass jars. For some time she has used her own kitchen to produce her sauce, however, recently she has been given the opportunity to use a commercial kitchen through a local business incubator.

Currently, Yolanda operates without any employees and still maintains a full-time job at EmblemHealth. In the near future, she hopes to grow her business to the point where she can bring on new employees and become self-reliant. The purpose of this loan will be to buy bulk inventory and move into a commercial kitchen. She would also like to use it to patent her sauces and participate in food craft shows and farmers markets.

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