Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Letter from Mercy

Mercy is 11 and wrote her own letter in English.  Lots of grammar mistakes, which I thought were charming...and amazed at how well she DID do.

Dear Syks,

Hallow Syks.  How are you?  I am happy in the name of Jesus and how are you at that day?

Here at Kenya there is lady bugs the same colour like the one in the letter and in Kenya there is no blueberries, but there are strawberries which are colour red.

I am thankful for the letter and the gifts I have received.  God bless you too. 

On 2nd June we had visitors who are the sponsors for my friend from New Zealand and Swizzland in our project.  That day was joyful.  I had never seen in my life.  There were twenty-three and their friend.

I am working hard in my academic.  I just request for prayer from my mother is sick. Receive greeting from my sisters and brother and parents.  I wish one time we will meet.

Thank you.


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