Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Kiva loan

Teresa from Kenya
Teresia has lived in Mukuru Kayaba for fifteen years. It is here that she has raised her three children and established her micro-enterprises of water vending and a retail shop.

In her area, there are no decent toilets. Her family and community use makeshift options, often located by the Nairobi riverbed.

At night, due to insecurity, these facilities are not accessible particularly by women and girls for fear of rape. She learnt about Fresh Life Toilets through the sales associates at Fresh Life and is determined to join the movement by acquiring one Fresh Life Toilet.

She sees this as an opportunity to provide a sanitary and safer toilet option for her family and neighboring community at all times.

Ultimately she hopes her work contributes towards a cleaner environment free of flying toilets along Kayaba pathways.

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