Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wow -- SIX letters!!!

They all came from Kenya and it as such a wonderful surprise to be blanketed with so many letters!

Michael is 6 and so he fills out a form about his family.

My siblings oldest to youngest are Ezina, Eshiaw.  In my family I spend the most time with my sisters.  Extended family that lives with me are aunt.  My family lives in the urban area.  My food is prepared by mother.  My favorite thing to do with my family is playing.  My favorite way to help in my family is washing utensils.  My family's faith background is Christianity.  My family's health and special needs are none.

Message to sponsor:  How are you doing, he begins.  He says he is fine and doing good.  Michael says he liked the stickers you send him in the last letter.  He adds that he enjoys watching Tom and Jerry cartoons.  He continues to say that he enjoys seeing his mother cook, although he is also learning to do so.  He ends by wishing you God's blessing.

Mwongela is only 5 and so he also filled out the form about his family.

My siblings from oldest to youngest are Junior, Kasehanna (Ruth).  In my family I spend most time with his sister Ruth.  Extended family that lives with me are his uncle and grandmother.  My family lives in the rural area.  My foods is prepared by his mother.  My favorite thing to do with my family is telling stories.  My favorite way to help my family is to be sent to the shop.  My family's faith background is Christianity.  My family's health and special needs are to grow stronger in Christ and have good health.

Message to sponsor:  Mwongela says hello  hoping that you are doing good together with your family.  He says his family is doing well too.  He says he sleeps on abed with hisbrother Junior.  He also says thank you for the letters, bookmark and the game, which he enjoys playing.  He says thank you and that may God bless you. He requests you to pass his regards to Brianna and that he loves you all.  He says bye bye for now.

Brightone is 9 and writes his own letters, in English.

Hello!  How are you? I am so excited to write to you once more.  My grandmother sends her regards to you.  We are all doing fine in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am always overjoyed by the letters you do send me.  They really encourage me so much.  Yes, think always where I sleep.  I sleep with my siblings in our room.  We always prepare our bedroom before the evening so after doing homework, we go to sleep. I still enjoy going to school and I learn a lot of new things.  My favourite subject is science because we are taught interesting things in the natural world.  Did you find science interesting to study?

I was so much encouraged by the verse you shared (Jeremiah 29:11).  I enjoyed reading it with my friends.  It is so amazing how God loves and has good plans for us.  I am being transformed holistically at Compassion's project every Saturday, thanks to your support.  Thank you for your prayers too and may God bless you.

From your sponsored son in Kenya, Brightone

James is 10.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

It's quite a pleasure to hear from you through the letter you sent me.  It's good to hear that you are fine over there.  I am fine too here in Kenya, together with my family members.

I was impressed to see Ned, mother and the two little girls.  Ned is looking good with his short hair and let him just maintain his hair like that.

I would like to encourage you from the book of Psalms 20:4. (May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.)

Be blessed so much, Dear.


 Samuel is 9

Dear Beverly Sykes

Samuel greets you in the name of our Lord Jess Christ.  He says he is doing well at school and at home  "How is you my dear sponsor," asks Samuel.  samuel says he prays for you and loves you for your continued support to him.

He thanks you for the letter you sent him.  He says he received it and thanks ou for the verse of encouragement and photos. He says here in Kenya they normally celebrate their birthdays by going to church and singing together.  Also, he participates in communal work by sweeping and cleaning their nearby market.

May God bless you! says Samuel.

Wainaina is 17.

Dear Beverly Sykes

Receive much greetings from me.  I do believe that everything is right with you together with your family.  I'm doing fine at school and also at home.  I do hope that your days are good as mine are.  We are very lucy in our school that we were able to proceed to the County levels insoccer which was not easy to attain.

At last we are seeing some rains and cold nowadays.  Hoping there will be more.rain.

May God bless you and your family for the great support you offer me.


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