Friday, June 27, 2014

First Letter from Israel

Israel is a new correspondence child.  He's 17 and is from Bolivia.

Dear Sponsor,

Hello.  I greet you with the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for being my sponsor.  My name is Israel  and I was born in Cochabamba on January 16 of 1997.  My father is Rafael and my mother Maria died seven years ago. I have six siblings and my oldest brother is Javier and he is 22 years old and he will study sound engineer.

Thanks to god my family is healthy and we are a good team when we had to do something like singing praises of Jesus.

This is my last year at school because I am thinking about going to university the next year and I want to study Civil Engineering.  I am interested in this major because I like calculation.  I am going to a church named Casa de Dios and my pastors are Felix and Magdalena Rodriguez.  Also, I am part of the praise ministry because God gave me the privilege of playing electric guitar and bass.  I like praising the Lord because he gave me eternal life.  He changed me and he keeps changing my life.  I am thankful to God because he is faithful and good to all the people.  I close with a hug.  My prayer request is for my family and my life and my studies.

Your friend,

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