Saturday, June 28, 2014

Letter from Anjali

Another wonderfully long letter from Anjali.  I have been writing to her the longest.  She is now 11 years old, her English has improved wonderfully, as has her handwriting.  I was also sent a "translation" (neat-ing up the handwriting), but it left out an important sentence, so I am copying this from the letter she wrote herself, grammatical errors and all!  She is answering a letter I wrote in January, talking about our trip to Seattle to see my friend singer/songwriter Steve Schalchlin in concert with The Righteous Mothers, and staying with our friends Gabi and Alec Clayton. Alec is a painter and author, with 7 books under his belt. Gabi works tirelessly to keep gay kids safe, following their son's suicide after a gay bashing incident. I didn't mention the "gay" aspect of it, or that Bill had killed himself, but did talk about bullying and Gabi's work trying to prevent it.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our lord, Jesus Christ.  I received your letter.  How are you?  How is your health?  How is your family members?  I am fine.  My family members also fine.  My health is good.  Wish you a happy birthday.  I am very happy that you are enter into 71 years.  I saw your photo that is very nice and looking very beautiful.

My project members all are fine.  My C.D.F. told curriculum stories every day.  I am going to project every day and monthly one's time my project conduct Bible quiz.  I am going to Sunday School every Sunday.  I learn more songs and Bible stories in Sunday School.

Now we are in summer season.  It is very hot in this season.  We got some fruits like mangoes, watermelon, grapes, pomegranates, etc.  Please pray for my country.  How is your country weather?  Now I am preparing my final exams.  Please pray for my exams.

I am celebrated my birthday in this year very hapily with my friends and family members.  But I miss you in that day.  I will distribute chocolates to my friends, family members and teachers. In the morning I went to a church with my new dress.

Please come to India.  I want to meet you one's time.  I am waiting for you.  I am remembering you and your family members.  Also remembering you.  Please pray for my project.

How is your friends Gabi and Alec?  We can imaginate how you did your spend three days with your  might have enjoyed with them lot.  How is your author friend Steve Schalchlin.  Did you see him?  If you meeet him so please convey my greeetings to him and also try to send some songs which he sang.  How is Alec works.  If it is possible please send me some books which he has published.  Sure that bullied doesn't happen to othere children.  It's a good concept which she has taken.  It will be improve good activities in children.  So how is your friend Steve?  Have you met him?  If you meet, please convey my greetings to him.  How is his righteous mothers group for womens who have been singing for 30 years.  I encourage them to grow in sing folk musics and also we encourage them to sing wonderful way.  We also want them to see on if God's will so thankful for this letter which you have send.

Please pray for my studies and also please pray for Compassion project.

Thank you for your love and support.

Your loving child,

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