Friday, June 13, 2014

Letter from Samuel


In filling in a form about his community, Samuel shares that

I live in a village in Kitui county.  My community is located in Eastern part of Kenya and is in rural setting.  The main language spoken in this area is Kamba (his mother tongue).  The common job in my community is farming.  The common type of transportation in  my community is roads.  In my community the weather is mainly hot, sunny, and dry.  The physical features in my community are mountains.  The main religion in my community is Christianity.  One fun thing to do in my community is visiting friends.

Message to my sponsor
Praise God.  I hope you are fine and in good health.  We are doing good (me and my family).  I appreciate the letter you sent to me and moreso the game you taught me via the letter.  May you be blessed.  I always play soccer with my friends, both at school and at the project.  Thank you and have a blessed Easter.

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