Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Mail Day!

It's always nice to have a mail day like this!


I hadn't heard from Shallon in a long time, but there is a drought in Uganda, which may make lots of things difficult. The letter a wonderful, long, chatty letter.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

With mercy of God I am happy for this day because I have got time to write to you. Really it's great thing to me and it is real pleasure to you my dearest mother in Christ for having respected moment to let my mind to think about only and only about you.

My family members are greeting you and they are praying for love and mercy from God upon you.

Sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. Let me tell you that may she rest in eternal peace.

I am moving in anther step. 2010 I was in primary, but surely now I am in senior secondary school.

Sorry about Kathy's lungs and you about your mother-in-law.

On the photo of your president there is the word Washington, DC. Write in full D.C.?

As you know that I prefer young children's smile.

We get water from river.

Let me thank you very much for sending me some photos and a child's photo. But I want to communicate with you face to face. and I want to send you a song. It is in psalms chapter 27:1 to where you want to stop. And I want to send you some verses to you and those are Ecclesiastes 12:1-14 and in the same book 11:9 and read Ecclesiastes 7:1.

For you mutual love of you with me. I am very glad to hear that you like walking. And how is library now? In Uganda we are in dry season. We are going to start sowing millet. How is Ned? But my mother could tell me more about your president. How is Bella, your dog? Thank for sending me a paper of verses and thank you for my scanned photo back.

My mother in Christ, be blessed by God and have a nice time.

Your loving daughter Katisiime Shallon


Fred's letters are always written by his mother, which is also nice.

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian Greetings!

We hope that our letter makes you smile long this day. By God's grace, Fred is in grade two now. He attended their nutrition month celebration and he got also the Division Achievement test. Fred really likes to draw and talk with friends. He got lot of improvements in his social life.

Please pray that he could find more godly and nice friends.

He has brown much in height and he is growing into a cheerful guy. Fred is active in going to church. Our church anniversary will be on the last Sunday of August. Please pray for our church.

By the way, have you also visited a baptist church in China? We are happy to know it. Until then, God Bless you!


Leniel (Dominican Republic) writes (with assistance from Dariana, his tutor)

Dear Beverly Sykes,

The child Leniel is well, and at the same time he is very grateful for the letters, the photos, for the book, and the rest of the things that you have sent him. He says his mother washes the clothes. He is older than his brother. He and his mother wash the baby bottles together. He says he likes to play ball and with toy cars, and he has good friends. He hasn't seen any panda. They sing and dance at school and his best friends are Joelvin and Carlos. They play marbles. What are your best friends' names? He asks you to pray for Gabriel, who is just a few months old. Receive kisses!


(the picture is of his mother washing clothes)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Theresa from Ghana

I recently completed sponsorship of a woman through Woman to Woman International. I'm rather selfish in that I did not enjoy this experience since it included zero interaction between me and Clarisse. I had hoped I would know something about her and perhaps we could become friends, but the women are not required to communicate with their sponsors, and lord knows they are trying to recover from hellish experiences, so I don't harbor any ill feelings about my own hopes being unfulfilled.

But at the end, knowing how many children there are at Compassion waiting sponsors, I decided to put that money into another sponsored child. I recently saw a video about Center #232 in Ghana and there seems to be a rush by other sponsors to add children from this center, since we all now know it looks like now.

Just on a whim I looked at the children available for sponsorship from Ghana and my eyes immediately locked on this little sweetheart. How can you resist that face? I checked and learned that she is, indeed, from center #232 and so without thinking twice, I added her to my list of sponsored children.

She is Theresa. She is 4 years old (5 in January). She lives with her father and her mother. Her duties at home include running errands. There are 3 children in the family. Her father is sometimes employed as a farmer and her mother is sometimes employed as a farmer.

Theresa is not presently attending school. Playing house and playing group games are her favorite activities. She also attends church activities and Bible class regularly.

I look forward to getting to know her. (And now that my other female sponsored children are getting older, I have another child to send all those little girl things I've been buying over the years!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Letter from Fred

A wonderful new letter from Fred today:

Dear Auntie Sykes

Christian Greetings!!!

Thank you for the postcards you sent. We are sure that you enjoyed your trip. The Great Wall of China is beautiful. We have no river here like that green river. We have also many rivers here but most are narrow rivers. Praise God for that boat company. We're sure that they sponsor lovely children like Fred.

In Fred's classrooms they also talk about their dreams in the future. Fred wants to become a policeman in the future. He will help keep the country free from danger and crimes.

Fred likes the panda very much. He hopes to hug one too. By the way, do you also have more pandas in your place? Here we have none.

We have also pictures of dragon here.

The story of Joseph is very beautiful. We had a great lesson that humbleness is very important. Thank you for the book. Fred likes it very much.

Please pray that Fred will love to eat more healthy foods. Please continue to pray for his health. Until here.

God bless you!!!

[Fred's mother]

Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Organized

Michelle from Blogging from the Boonies wrote an entry about how she keeps track of her Compassion kids. Like me, her family has 10 children too, a combination of sponsored and correspondence kids.

I keep all the incoming letters in individual binders for each of the kids.

The letters only go in the binders after they have been answered. All incoming letters (Compassion and otherwise) go into a holder until they are answered.

It is easier to track my letters because I type them. Each child has a format that I use. The ones who speak English have a regular looking letter because they don't need translation. The ones that need translation have a 2-column format, with a lined column on the right for the translation. All letters have all the information and account numbers on the top.

Since I am writing on the computer, I have a folder for each of the kids. I keep copies of all letters in that child's folder, along with things like photos and anything else pertinent. When I'm writing a new letters, I pull up the old one to see what I said the last time. After the letter has been answered, I punch holes in it and add to the binder.

I also have a file for each child in their folder called "stuff sent" and I record what I included in each letter, so I can avoid duplication.

It's a pretty simple system, but it works very well for me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Latest Kiva Loan

Luisa Barbor from the Philippines.

Luisa is 31 years old and married, with 7 children. With 4 children in school, Luisa works very hard to provide for them.

She runs a sari-sari store in the Philippines and requested a PHP 12,000 loan through NWTF to buy additional items to sell, like sardines, groceries, etc. Luisa has been in this business for 6 years and sells a variety of items such as soap, shampoo, milk, curls, etc.

In the future Luisa would like to save enough money so she can afford to send her children to college.

Any woman with 7 children who is trying to earn enough to send them to college definitely earns my respect, and my Kiva loan!