Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Kiva Loan

Priscillah from Kenya
Priscillah, at heart, is a resourceful, loving mum. Her motherly love has been enough to show her family that she is willing to work hard to help her family get ahead with excellent values and education.

Priscillah is a smallholder farmer in the Kerugoya area of Kenya. She also does some side hustle business. In the past six years, she has bred more than one dairy cow and has developed her farm.

Because of how much she likes farming, she has even nicknamed one of her cows. She is a very proud farmer, especially when she is milking her cows. Through her dairy cow, she is able to get 5-10 litres a day, and this helps her support her family.

Priscillah also practices crop farming, but she has not been making good profits because of poor farming implements. This is why she is kindly seeking a loan to buy farm implements.

Through the loan, she will be able to buy high-quality seeds, good fertilizer and pesticides that she will use to greatly improve her crop production.

Modern farming requires the use of modern techniques; using high-quality seeds will assure her of a bumper harvest and hence, increased profit levels. Priscillah is visionary and her goal for the season is to boost her crop production and be able to get more crop output than the previous year. All this can be achieved through lenders’ help and goodwill.

Priscillah believes that through the loan, she will turn around her family life and be able to give her children a solid educational background.