Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter from Henrique

Today I had a check-off letter from Henrique telling me about his community, where I learned he lives outside the downtown area, lives with his mother, father and siblings, the houses on his street are made of brick, mud and straw.  The most common type of transportation in his neighborhood is bicycle and on foot.  And what he likes best about his community is having a place to play and his Project (The Compassion project).  He asks what my favorite color is.

He also included this drawing, which seems to represent a happy child.  Of course he's happy--he's Brasilian!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Letter from Theresa

This was another of the check-off forms for little kids.  This one concerns the weather.  It is dated 13 June 2013.

1. We have two seasons in Ghana, namely the rainy season and the dry season.

2. Right now the weather is wet.

3. When the weather is sunny, I like to rest and cook with friends

4.  My favorite weather condition is hot.

5.  One thing I like about the weather condition is Theresa spends much time with her grandmother at the kitchen during the dry season.

She thanks me for words of encouragement, pictures, sponsorship and prayers.

I would like you to know more about my weather
The rainy season starts in March and ends in October every year.

Child's response to sponsor question(s).
Theresah usually has a birthday party or a birthday gift and song for her birthday celebration.  She says happy belated birthday.  Theresah gets her mails on Saturdays at the project centre where names of children who have received mails are mentioned and their mails given to them at assembly.  She really loves everything about your letters.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Update on Agatha

I made a Kiva loan to Agatha, a bread baker in Ghana, in February.  This is the first time Kiva has sent me an update on one of my sponsees.

Agatha makes and sells bread. She has been operating this business for 15 years. Before the loan, Agatha reported she was buying ingredients on credit and the price was very high. However, since the loan, she is now able to buy ingredients at a lower price and her profit has increased.

She is married to supermarket supervisor and together they have 5 children.

Agatha is finishing her 2nd cycle and states she has no real struggles or challenges. She is very proud she has been able to save and buy little things for her house. One day, Agatha will use her savings to support her business.

She is thankful to KIVA for giving her this great opportunity!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Letter from Emmanuella

 Letter dated 6/26/13

Dear Beverly,

Thank you for the letters you have sent me.

I don't know anything about pinatas and we receive letters in my town once a month.  In the cities, letters are delivered to their houses but here in my town we go to the post office to pick it up.  At Project they mention names and give them out.

Yes, I like the pictures you attach to my letters and I felt excited when I receive your letters.

I am now good at solving math questions.

How are your parent doing?

I pray that God will bless Lacie and Brianna.

Pray that God will bless my family and my country.

Memory verse:  Psalm 23:1  The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Letter from Samuel

This may be the quickest I've ever received a "first letter."  The front side of the letter is one of those check-off pages, the back side a little note.

Receive much greetings from your friend, Samuel.  He says that he is doing great and that he is happy to write to you today.

He says that he loves to go to Sunday School and to the projects, where he learns more about God.  He asks "do you go to church?" and he asks "What do you do?"

He asks you to pray for him to grow with the love of God.

Letter from Briana

I have had word that Briana's center may be disconnected from Compassion, so it was nice to receive this letter...things still well, at least for now!


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Briana greets you in the Living God's name.  How are you and your family?  She and her family are fine.  She hopes you're all fine in Jesus' name.

She's fine, thanks to God.  She thanks you for the gift you sent her.  She will keep praying for you all and asks you not to forget to pray for her too.

She'll soon raise the final comprehensive exam of elementary school, pray to God for her to pass it.

She asks you to say hello to Brianna from her and she asks about your dog.  She asks you to always stay with Jesus.  She hopes to hear from you soon, God willing.


This letter was written by her father for Briana.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Letter from Miche

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I am letting you know that I am doing well, praise God.  How are you and your activities doing?  I was glad to receive your letter and the picture.  You were sitting on a chair and wearing a red dress.  I saw the people in the party.  I always invite my friends and my family in for my birthday to celebrate with me.

Yes, I like receiving your letter and your picture.  Yes, you may send me more pictures.

I had a great Flag Day celebration on May 18.  What do you like to do in your life?  I like to go to church and to school.  I go to church every Sunday.  We celebrate Mother's Day on the last Sunday of May every year.

May God bless you.