Thursday, June 7, 2018

New Kiva Loan

 I am glad that Kiva lets me loan to someone in the United States.

Doretha is an elderly grandmother who is trying to live independently in her home. Doretha is surviving on a fixed income, but has done very well with maintaining her expenses and ensuring that she does not over-extend herself financially.

Despite this, due to her fixed income, she has had difficulty trying to secure the remaining funds needed to replace her roof. The roof is currently well past its expected life and is currently in poor shape. She currently has some funds available, but not enough to fully complete her project.

She is hoping that SELF and Kiva will help her secure a loan that will fit into her tight budget to pay for the remainder of her project.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Kiva Loan

Monicah is the true definition of a hard worker and a happy mother. She is a farmer in Eldoret, Kenya, growing maize, raising poultry and engaging in dairy farming.

She produces milk and eggs for commercial purposes as opposed to many rural farmers who produce for subsistence. Monicah also grows maize for food and sales. These commercial activities place her in a better position to engage in other agricultural businesses that she does.

She has been in the farming business for at least 10 years and has no plans to quit, as she finds farming to be not only fulfilling but also lucrative. However, her biggest challenges are the poor road network and the lack of a market.

Monicah is seeking a loan from Kiva lenders via Juhudi Kilimo to construct a cow shed. This will help significantly in managing the animals’ health and hygiene. The cow shed will later come in handy when she scales up and introduces zero-grazing.

The long-term impact is an increase in productivity and improved animal health. The additional income from this development will go to her children’s education. Kindly lend to a Kenyan farmer with great dreams!