Thursday, October 15, 2015

The New Brasilian in My Life

I belong to a Compassion Sponsors group on Facebook and I periodically see message about people who felt they could not possibly afford to sponsor another child, but then one child just "got" to them and they found a way to make it work.

I was more practical than that, until Adriano appeared on my Facebook page every day.  He's from Brasil, so that immediately tugged at my heart.  He's Brianna's age.  And he's one of the few "first photos" I've seen that is smiling

But I simply could not afford another child.

Then one day his picture was gone and it said that he was "in the process of being sponsored."  I was so pleased that he would have a sponsor since he had been waiting for nearly a year for a sponsor, but I kind of missed seeing his face every day.

But then this morning he was back on my Facebook page, so I guess that sponsorship fell through. And then my latest check came from my new critic job and I realized that in a normal month I would be getting enough each month to pay for one more sponsorship, with a little left over, so I bit the bullet and took on his sponsorship.

The bonus of taking him on as a sponsored child is that his dossier came with a video (which, sadly, I cannot download).  I learned he wants to work in the fire department when he grows up.

I mean...look at that face?  How can you resist?  And he's Brasilian!

Out of curiosity -- I dont think you can but check to see if you can see this video:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Letters from Lavenda, Brightone and Samuel

Lavenda is 10
 Dear Beverly Sykes,

I salute you, my friend Beverly.  I hope you are fine as me.  Thank you for the letters and hotographs.  I have kept them i my folder at home.  I really admired the fact that you have been marriedfor 50 years.

How was Tom's birthday in Santa Barbara?  I pray for them.  You have a beautiful family.  God bless you.  I am surprsed that Brianna plays a guitar.  Tell her that is great.  I love them all.

Read John 14:12-13

Brightone is 9
10th August 2015

Dear Beverly Sykes

Praise God it is another opportunity to thank him for this friendship he has brought us.  How are you?  My family are fine and have sent their greetings to you.  Receive them.

I am doing well at school.  We closed school for the August holidays and I am enjoying my time with my family at home.  I am helping my parents in their household work, particularly preparing our farm for the next planting season.

I was so glad to receive your letters.  Thank you for praying for me and my family.  I loved the pictures you sent too.  I don't mostly speak English, only when I am in school.  I speak Kiswahilli and my vernacular called Luhyia while at home.

My favorite subject at school is science because I learn new interesting things.  Nature is so wide and full of wonders.  It's amazing that God made this wonderful world that we ought to protect it.  I always learn at my compassion project and we recently planted flowers around our project to demonstrate this.

Thank you for encouraging me too. I try to catch up with mathematics at school so really keep praying for me.  God bless you for generosity and support that has seen me through this far.  I always pray for you too.  Till next time, stay blessed.

Your son,

Samuel is 10

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Receive much greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am fine and doing well in the Lord also.

For now schools have closed and we are nw in our August holiday and I am really enjoying together with my friends, especially in the Church.  I now find myself enjoying sleeping even though I find myself waking as usual for I have been used to this.

Here the weather is very hot and ost of the things we grow should be able to do well in this type of climate, therefore we don't grow blueberries, especially atour place where even the land is very dry.

I also want to thank you for your letters you have been writing to me, for the wonderful photos and the verses of encouragemet.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Letters from Michael and James

Michael is 7

In a form letter about his favorites, Michael says that

His favorite food is rice.
His favorite sort is "Athletic"
His favorite activity is "dramatising"
His favorite color is red
His favorite friend is red
His favorite animal is dog
His favorite hero is his father
His favorite toy is cars

Michael greets you in Jesus name.  He says thanks a lot for your great concern upon my life.  Michael says he enjoys receiving your letters because they are encouraging to him.  He adds that he is doing well with his project work and school work too.  He says he will be happy to get more from you.

James is10

 Hi!  How are you doing?  Here in Kenya, we are doing fine.

My family members are doing well too.  The weather here is cool with little rain at night.

Exams are ongoing in our school and I want you to pray for me so that I pass and be successful.  I would like to encourage you from the book of John 14:6 that says "I am the way, the truth and the life."

I thank God for giving you life and gace.

Yours faithfully,