Sunday, February 28, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

New Kiva Loan

Doreen from Kenya

Doreen is kind-hearted, well organized, honest, industrious and entrepreneurial. She is a mother who makes sure her two children never go to bed hungry. She hails from the Ingaa, Chuka area of Kenya. Doreen never got the opportunity to advance her education and get a white-collar job, but this did not kill her dream of wanting to succeed in life.

Doreen has been doing farming for the past six years. Throughout those years, she has gathered much experience and learned important farming techniques. She practices dairy and mixed farming on her farm and through the profits, she has managed to take care of her family's needs and give her children a good education. Doreen believes that education is the key to success.

She is seeking a loan of KES 150,000 to buy seeds and start horticulture farming on her farm, and also to build a modern dairy unit. Doreen wants to take advantage of favorable weather patterns, a good road network in her village, good soil and a ready market for horticulture products, and reap more profits. Through the loan she will be able to build a modern dairy unit, which will help prevent her cow from harsh weather conditions, and also she will have a humble time milking the cows.

Juhudi Kilimo is partnering with Kiva and Kiva lenders to help hardworking women like Doreen to make their farming dreams come to reality through training and loan financing. She hopes that through the loan, she will improve her living conditions. Doreen’s dreams and projections are that by the end of the second quarter in 2016, she will not only be selling in the local market, but will also be selling in international markets through exporting fruits and vegetables. Through this, she will be able to assure her children a secure future and uninterrupted learning, because she will be able to pay tuition fees on time.

Doreen is not a self-centered woman who only thinks of herself. She will also want to impact positively on society. That is why she will employ people to work for her on her horticulture farm and have an impact on society. Be part of this beautiful dream by helping Doreen with the loan she needs. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Letter from Lavenda

Lavenda is a 10 year old from Kenya.  In this letter (she writes herself in English), she has mistaken something I said and thinks that I hope to become a doctor some day.

 Dear Beverly Sykes,

How are you in United States?  Kenya is good, especially the western part where I live.  Thank you for the letters to me.  I was excited to receive many letters from you  The photos of Lacie's celebration were nice.  I was excited to look at them.

I will also pray for your vision of being a doctor.  I also have that vision.  Let us pray for one another.  We shall meet in a
 big hospital treating people.  Our dream is the same. 

God bless yiou.

Read Psalms 23.