Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letter from Lovson

In this letter, dated 1/13/2014, Lovson is answering a letter I wrote in August, where I talked about visiting a friend who lives on a farm and who has two sheep, named Periwinkle and Zinnia.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Today I am so glad to write you this letter.  How are you?  I am doing very well, thanks to God.  What's the weather like where you are?  It's cold in my country.  Do you like hot weather?

I took part in a nice party during December at the project.  My school is going well.,  I had an average of 55.47 for the first term exams.

Thank you for the gift in December.  I bought a t-shirt with it.

Zinnia and Periwinkle are two beautiful names.  I will name my children like that.  I will give them those names.

Thank you for the photos you sent me.  I ask you to pray for me to have better grades.  May God bless you!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Letter from Anjali

This has no date, but it was written before Christmas.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I received your photo.  It is very beautiful.  Your photos all are very beautiful.  How are you? How is your family members?  [I love that she puts little hearts over her dotted letters!]   My family members are all fine.

Now we are in winter season.  I like this season very much because this season I like we celebrate Christmas.  Also December 12th we celebrate Swanson's Day.  He is the founder of Compassion. 

My project given a beautiful Christmas dress.  In this dress I look like very handsome.  I am very happy.  I celebrate Christmas very happily with my friends  How is your Christmas celebrations and how is your country's weather.

Every day I am going to school in this year.  I enjoy so much Christmas day and new year day.  I love so much Christmas because Jesus was brn on Christmas so I love Christmas very much and here also the weather is cooler.  I like snow.  We wish you a Happy Christmas and Happy New Yearl  Thank you for your sponsorship.

Your loving child,

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Kiva Loan

To celebrate my 71st birthday, I've made a new Kiva Loan,continuing to build my herd of cattle in Kyrgyzstan. Besides, who could resist that cute grin.

Anipa is 61 years old and a widow, who raises three children by herself. After the death of her husband, Anipa for a long time thought she would not be able to survive the loss of her loved one. She had to raise and support her children, and Anipa decided to take on the financial and household responsibility by herself. Anipa has secondary education.

As a main source of income for her family, Anipa works with livestock breeding and field crop cultivation, after having started 14 years ago with the purchase of livestock for 7,000 som (KGS). Thanks to Anipa's persistent work, her farm currently has four dairy cows and 10 sheep. She also has a plot of land of 1.56 hectares, on which she grows barley, wheat and hay. She has all conditions for breeding cattle, having harvested 200 pieces of pressed hay and 1.5 tons of barley. The monthly income is 10,000 som (KGS).

With an aim to further develop her business, Anipa turned to the bank "Bai Tushum" for a loan to purchase cows to fatten and subsequently resell at the market at a higher price. Anipa plans to invest the income from the loan in further increasing the number of livestock, and intends to save money for repairing her house.

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Letter from Banesa

I took Banesa on to sponsor in August and finally received my first letter from her, dated 11/21/13!  The first part answers questions about her learing, and then there is a personal message

My Project Learning:  In my project I'm learning about God's word and many important things.
About my emotions I have learned not to let the world change your smile, but your smile changes the world.
About being polite and kind I have learned that we have to be honest and respectful of others.
About my community I have learned we have to take care of our community

Dear Bevery.  Hello!  How are you?  I hope you are fine.  I'm fine, thanks God, because every time I read your letters I feel I was living those moments with you.  I'm happy because in December is my birthday and I'm planning to spending with my family.

You asked me if I know of baseall, well, I do, a little.  In my country from October to January we have baseball season. I always think of you and pray for you so that God gives you everything you need, like in Philippeans 4:13, "I cn do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."  Merry Christmas.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Letter from Fred!!

This letter, dated November 23, is the first I've heard from Fred since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines.  I had received word from Compassion that he and his family were all right but it took this long to get word from him.  I love how matter of fact he is about the storm.

 Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian Greetings!

Thank you for praying for me.  We had a typhoon here but we are okay.  My health is okay.  My weight is 24.3 kg and my height is 132 cm.  I always go to Sunday School.  I like horses.  We are 30 students inside the classroom.  My teacher is Mrs. Arroyo.

thank you for the pictures.  How are you there?  Do you have storms?

Please pray that I will be farfrom danger and sickness.  Please send my regards to your family.  Thank you for the Lion King story book.  Good bless you!

Fred Cardinal