Friday, December 30, 2011

Letter from Anjali

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I send greetings to you in the Almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am fine. I hope same with you there. I received your letters and pictures. Dandehi (not sure what that means) is very nice and beautiful. How is your grand daughter? I am very happy. How felt your son and son-in-law? Your grand daughter is very cute.

I celebrated Children's Day on the 10th of November very well. We celebrated suppose Christmas. Also I am praying for you and your family members. Thank you for your loving sponsorship.

Your loving child,
M. Anjali

Monday, December 19, 2011

Finally, a new letter from Fred

Maybe it just SEEMS like it has been an extra long time since I heard from Fred. In today's letter, he is answering my letters of August 5 and August 11.

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Greetings from the Philippines!!! We hope that you have a blessed day. All is well here. Fred is enjoying his second grade. He just took a Division Achievement test today. Please pray that his grades would increase. His highest subject was English.

God is so gracious to your husband with the strength he had given. (I'm not sure what this is about, but on 8/5, I did answer a question about what Walt did for a job).

Fred is playing soccer but he likes basketball more. He is not fond of parlor games.

Thank you for the dog stickers and the paper money. We are sure that no one can get it because they can't spend it. (I sent a pad of tiny dollar bills--and I DID explain that it was play money). They had lots of programs last Vacation Bible School.

Fred's new teacher is Mrs. Ortega. Can you remember your favorite teacher's name? Fred is so thankful for his teachers.

Thank you for all of your concerns.

God bless you. Until here.

(Fred's Mother)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A New Kiva Loan

Lucy Kosimbei from Kenya is my 39th Kiva loan.

Lucy has been in active mixed farming for over 18 years in her home area of Litein, South Rift, Kenya. Her farm currently produces milk, tea and poultry for the local market with the help of one farmhand. She reiterates that farming is her only source of income.

Lucy has requested a loan of 28,000 KES from Juhudi Kilimo to help build a zero grazing unit for the animals. She is optimistic the business will be better with the loan and hopes to be able to improve her family's living standards. She is, however, apprehensive with the poor market for the produce.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Letter from Anjali

It seems like forever since I've had a Compassion letter, but one finally arrived from Anjali today. After being nearly mute for so long, she's become a real chatterbox!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I am fine. I hope same with you there. I received written letter in your letters. Teluguin my note book (not quite sure what that means!) My teacher translate the letter, then I written in the letter. My new teacher name is Siromarii. I am studying new subjects in my new class very well. I received book marks. Thank you for your bookmarks. I also love music. How is your family members? I am praying for you and your family members, that all you will be well.

I thank you for your loving sponsorship.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fresh Water - See Your Impact

Having come to understand the need for fresh water in so many different places, this "see your impact" story brings tears to my eyes.

Kavin and her family have access to clean water!

Dear Sterling and Melinda, Dennis, Dean and Julie, Beverly, Lisa, Tom, and Ken and Sharon,

Speaking to Divine Waters Uganda staff in the village of Aloborom in Northern Uganda, 20 year old Kavin said that she used to hear people talking a lot about Divine Waters Uganda and how they were helping provide clean water in nearby communities.

Meanwhile, her community continued to drink dirty water that was white in color and often full of sand. With no other option, Kavin and her family collected this water anyway.

Thank to your combined generosity, Divine Waters Uganda was able to provide a well for this community. Families are now able to wash clothes and bathe whenever they like, and are no longer suffering from water related diseases.

Loan made through See Your Impact.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 Letters from Anjali

There were two letters from Anjali, in India, today. the first was a thank you letter, which came with a photo attached:

I bought Mixi with the birthday gift that I received in the month of September 2011. In my house we have essential the mixi. It is use for many pastes to made. My family members are very thankful to you.

I remember you in my prayers. Once again thank you for your love and help.

Your loving child
M. Anjali

The second was a regular letter.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am fine. I hope same with you there. How is your health? I received your letter. When it gets very hot I spend before the air cooler.

Cappy and Polly are very nice to see. They are very cute. I too like dogs.

Thank you for your appreciation. And also thank you for you, because you are showing my pictures to your friends and relatives.

I am studying well. I am praying for you.

You are my lucky sponsor I am loving so much. I thank you for your wonderful sponsorship. I am sending my regards to your family members. I am sending my kisses to you.

Your loving child,
M. Anjali

Sunday, December 4, 2011

2 More Letters from Esther

I received two letters from Esther today, along with the Christmas greeting at the side--a beautifully folded envelope.

September 3, 2011

This month is the month of September. I'm now in grade 11 in high school. I'll soon do the 1st semester mid test.

I hope Beverly is able to pray for me that I can do it well.

At school I take Teens' Red Cross activity and soon I'll be inaugurated. It's going to be great for sure. What's the extra activity you once took at school, Beverly? I laugh a lot, indeed, usually because of funny things.

Around Christmas now, I have no plan yet, and maybe this letter reaches you there when it's already Christmas. My family and I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless.

And there was another letter, dated a month later.

October 3, 2011

I like to laugh too, maybe if there's funny stuffs. Friends support it too. I can read English magazine but don't master it well. In Indonesia there are so many kinds of magazines and I usually read the magazines at school.

On the Eid holiday yesterday I just went around the family to greet the relative's place, help auntie to make foods. Oh, the dragon in Indonesia, we have one, but rarely find it. Do you have many dragons there? Do you like dragons, Beverly?

That is all from me. Next time I continue again.

God bless you.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Letter from Esther

Hi, Beverly Sykes

How are you? Here, my family and I are fine. I'm glad to receive the birthday gift which amounted to dp. 127.500. I spent it on clothes. Please also pass my thanks to [her financial sponsor] for the birthday gift.

I'm going to do the mid-exams soon. Please pray for me, Beverly. Please pray that I'll do the exams well.

Love regards from me to you and your family, Beverly Sykes.

Compassion was very upset that she had included the account number of her financial sponsor--I am her correspondence sponsor. They say it was a violation of the other sponsor's privacy, but I wouldn't even begin to know how to find out who this person was from a 7-digit number!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have received a report on my second "See your Impact" donation.

No longer lonely, Najesh is loved!

Dear Kanwar, Beverly, Laura, Katherine, Peggy, and Jim,

Najesh was a destitute child, who was left to fend for himself in the harsh city of Mumbai, till Sahaara Charitable Society found out about him, and admitted him into Mahima Home, a home for orphaned boys.

At Mahima Home, Najesh receives English medium schooling in one of the top schools in the locality, quality accommodation and wholesome nutrition within a loving family environment afforded by dedicated houseparents.

Najesh is an energetic , physically fit and active eight year old boy today. He loves computer games and loves the outdoors as well. He is a good student in school and overall, Najesh is blossoming into a secure child, not fearing, but looking forward to his future!

Your generous donations, Kanwar, Beverly, Laura, Katherine, Peggy, and Jim, will enable Sahaara to provide three fresh and nutritious meals to Najesh for, thereby ensuring that he remains healthy and continues doing well in his studies.

Thank you all so much, for coming together in support of Najesh!

Loan made through See Your Impact.