Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Kiva Loan

Adding to my cattle herd in Kyrgyzstan.

Elmira is 44 years old, married, and raising three children with her husband. She has a specialized-secondary education and is involved in animal husbandry, an activity which provides her family with its main source of income. She started in this business 16 years ago with the purchase of livestock for 20,000 som (KGS).

Thanks to Elmira's hard work, her farming business now comprises two dairy cows and ten sheep. She makes a monthly income of 5,000 som (KGS).

In order to further develop her animal husbandry business, Elmira has turned to the microfinance bank "Bai Tushum & Partners" and requested a loan of 80,000 som (KGS). She will use this loan to buy some cows for breeding.

Elmira plans to re-invest some of her profits back into her business by purchasing additional livestock. She is also planning to save enough money to buy a car.

Monday, November 25, 2013

THREE Letters

I received letters from three of my kids today.  It was a banner day!

 FROM Luiz Henrique in Brasil

This is a check off sheet where I learn that he wants to be a policeman, he would like to go to Paraiba, he wants to help his parents buy a car, he would like to celebrate his birthday with a party, he would like to meet me because he thinks I am nice.

Under the section "Questions to my sponsor" he asks "do you have any dog?"  (Apparently he never reads my letters!!!)  He also includes this drawing:

(The thing on the left looks like it might be a fire, so I'm wondering if this is a camping scene)

FROM Samuel in Kenya

Another check off sheet where I learn that the thing he likes to do best with his friends is play.  The game he likes best is football, the work he likes best is looking after cattle.  What he likes best about the project is playing.  The subject he likes best in school is mathematics.  His favorite teacher is Miss Lydia.  The place he likes to visit best is Mombasa City and what he likes to do best with his family is playing together.

His case worker writes a "message to my sponsor."

Receive much greetings from your friend Samuel.  He says that he is so happy to write to you today.  He is so grateful for the letters you send to him.  He says that he is fine.  His family is fine too.  He wants to thank you for your support towards his life.  May the Lord bless you today and forever.  Goodbye!

FROM Wainaina in Kenya (who is 16 and writes in English)

Hello!  I greet you in the name of the Lord.  How are you?  I hope you are doing well.  How about your family?  There is another joy God has granted to us.  I'm praying so hard for you and your family to be saved.  I'm doing well in school and at home.  I live near the school where I learn.  It is about 1/4 km from where I live.  It is a mixed day school and no boarding.  I enjoy being in school with my friends.  My teacher's names are as follows:  Mr. Francis, Mrs. Kupere, Mr. Artan, Mr. Gathanga and Madam Mercy.  In lour class we are about 50 pupils in one class that is form one.  In our school we wear uniform, according to the rules of the school.  We don't wear the way we want.

Thanks you for your letter.  May God bless you.

Read Isaiah 54:17

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Letter from Shallon

Dear my mother in Christ, Beverly Sykes.

Let me take this opportunity to say hey to you, my mother and friend.  I thankGodfor the life you have and I praise God.

I pray that I keep on communicating with you through letters.  In the last letter I wrote to you I told you that I joined vocational school in salon and hair dressing because in second term my sister was sick and there was no one who could take care of her.  So I will go back to school next term such that I can add on my studies and become a teacher.

We are in dry season.  All trees are shedding off their beautiful leaves.  We are planting beans but the seeds are going to be dormant because of heavy sunshine.

I am sending my regards to Ned, Lacie, Brianna and your friends.  I want to send you a versee in the Bible.  It is in Daniel, Chapter 4:2:3

It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me.
 How great are his signs,
    how mighty his wonders!
His kingdom is an eternal kingdom;
    his dominion endures from generation to generation.

I will continue to praise God because he is merciful and loving to me.  Let me wish that you have a wonderful day.  I love you.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Letter from Anjali

This is the longest letter written by Anjali, and I am amazed by the observations she shares (which are sometimes difficult to read because of her handwriting).

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am fine here.  I hope same with you.  I received your letters.  I am very happy to read your letters.  I saw your photos.  Your photos are very beautiful.

My future dream is to become a doctor.  I would like to do helping poor peoples. 

I like coloring books.  I am very happy that I am studying 5th grade. My studies are very well.  My family members? [she doesn't follow through with that question!]  We are in rainy season,  The weather is cool. In this season we have many fruits like apple, pomogranate, corn, etc.

We are going to celebrate our 67th Independence day on the 15th of August in our state.  There are three regions.  Now our state government divided into two parts.  One is telangana and the other one is seemandhra.  Now the entire seemandhra people doing protests against the governmeent for the purpose.  We are not agree to divide the state because we are all talking Telugy.  Please pray for my state.

How is your country weather?

Please pray for my health, studies, and my family members. 

I and my family members going to church every Sunday.  I remember you and your family members in my daily prayers. My family members also praying for you and your family members.  Thank you for your supporting.

Your loving child,

M. Anjali

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter from Fred

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this letter from Fred, because I have not had official information about him and his family following the typhoon.  But then I saw that it was dated September 27, 2013, when nobody knew what horror was about to descend on his country.

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian Greetings!

Thank you for the birthday gift that you gave me.  I received an amount of 1,032.25 [in Philippine currency].  I bought biscuits, clothes and a watch.  I wear my clothes when I go to church.

Please pray that my family will be more faithful in church.  Thank you for everything.  God bless you.


...and you, too, little Fred.  Be well.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Letter from Miché

Dated 9/16/2013

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I'm pleased to write to you today in Jesus' name, the Almightly.  How are your activities?  I'm very well, thanks to God.  I was glad to get your letters and photos.  On my birthday, I and my family always get together to eat together.  My favorite subject is math.  Yes, I have more than one goat.  I usually milk them.

All my brothers and sisters are older than me.  I don't know that Bible story.  I like the hot weather.  Thanks for the letters, the information, and the great scriptures you sent me.

May God bless you!

Letter from Anjali

Anjali is now writing her own letters in English, but because of some problems with English it's not easy to always know what she is writing, though she prints very clearly.  She seems to leave out verbs and punctuation, for one thing!  But this is what it looks like she is saying in this letter (which I love for its length!)

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.  I have received 4 letters from you.  I am very happy.  Our project staff explained [thileten] (she printed that word very clearly,but I don't know what she meant to say!) How are you.  How is your work.  Belated many many happy returns of the birthday to you.  I pray for your happy life.  Family photo is very nice and beautiful.  Thank you for your mail letters.  Our mail letter [deieveled] twor three days in our country.  Letters also.

Brianna birthday cake is very beautiful.  All one fine all photes one fine. Brianna is very very beautiful.  I don't know Pinata, computer.  Postman gives letters in our church. Christening baptism also same our church.  Congregation sang this song deva shisumala the chithime.

Thank you for all information.  I am very happy to write this letter.  My family also fine.  Promoted 5th grade project game.  Notebooks project staff also fine project conducted children in prayer.  All children divided groups. Pray for prayer request.  I pray for you and your family once that you for your letters.  I am very happy.  Thank you for your love, concern and support.

Your loving child,

M. Anjali