Friday, July 31, 2015

Letter from Brayan


Blessings Beverly Sykes,

I'm very happy to have received your letter and I'm sending you one back.  My mom and I are with good health.  I want to thank you for the letters and pictures you have sent me.  My favorite holiday is Mother's Day.  At school we do handicraft for our mothers.  we also do plays for them.  At this moment I'm doing well.  Here in my country there are no snowstorms and I haven't seen snow, only through your pictures.  It seems it is a boy in the pictures.  I send the best regards to your husband and a hug at the distance.  It's very nice to see that everything you do, you do it together.

Best regards to your friend Sonia, and I hope you continue to be friends forever and you keep painting your drawings.

Which month snows where your daughter lives?  Which is the sunniest month?  You are always in my prayers, and also your family.  I ask you to pray for me.  I'm in the 6th grade and it's my last elementary grade and I want to have good grades and graduate.  I'll await your answers.

Brayan Josue

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Letter from Briana


Dear Beverly Sykes,

I am very happy to write this letter to you in order to answer your interesting questions.  How are you and your family?  How are your activities?  Psalms 1 contains many good things that prevent you from falling into any Satan pit.

Yes I know Joseph story.

I am fine today, thanks to God.  Yes I heard about snowstorm before in Canada, where my older foster brother lives.  Yes, I dance tango.  It is one of my favorite dances following Rap dance.  I enjoy cooking.  I have been taught by mom.  My favorite food is rice and beans; beef and macaroni.  It tastes good.  I hoe you already taste it.  It is a succulent dish.

On the same occasion I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.  I encourage you to read Job story to increase your faith.

I leave you here.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Letter from Annie Rose

May 30, 2015

Dear Auntie Beverly Sykes,

Hello!  Good day!  How are you?  For me, I'm fine.  I'm on grade 5.  June 1, our school class will be [pa?] start.  I am very much excited to see my friends and classmates.

You know, Auntie, our place still was so hot.  Some grass are wilted, those small creek are waterless.

Auntie, even  you don't have hair, you still look pretty.  But it look like a man also.

This time I cook viand like fried egg and noodles.  I want to cook a vegetables but my mother did not allow me.  She's start to teach me how to cook vegetables.  I keep watching and familiarizing for the procedure

Auntie thank you very much for continuing helping an support my studies.  It help so much to me and my family.  I pray always that you will getting better and safe by our God protection.  Not only for you but for all your families.  Thank you and God bless.

Memory Verse:  Proverbs 12:1
To accept correction is wise; to reject it is stupid.


Friday, July 17, 2015

Letter from Lavenda


Dear Beverly Sykes,

I am fine n the Lord.  How are you?  We have opened school for second term and I am learning well.  Than you for your continuous suport and encouragement.

Thanks also for your letter.  I laughed when Bri could not understand the dance rules and crawled on her belly.

I can cook well.  My mum taught me to cook and I enjoy cooking rice and bananas.  I also enjoy being with my family, like you.

I am in grade six and my favorite subject is English.  I would like to be a doctor.  Please pray for my vision.

I like the book of Genesis and the story of Abraham.  Do you have a favorite story?

I wish you blessed stay with your grannies.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Letter from Miché


Dear Beverly Sykes

I am so happy to write to you in the name of Jesus.  How are you?  How are your activities?  I was so happy to get your letters.  I want you to know I take part in a lot of activities in the church such as learn a lot of different subjects songs and Bible verse.  Your letters are always interesting to me.  I love reading them. 

I will have summer vacation in the end of June and I will have fun.  Do you usually go on summer vacation?  I will pray God for you with your family.  I hope God will bless you more.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Letter from Theresa

Theresa is 8

19th May 2015

My project's name is New Ebu Child Development Centre.
I go to my project four/five days in a month
Typical activities I do at project are:
   Fun & Games
   Hand Washing  - Learning curricular lessons

When I am at the project, I typically eat rice and stew, Jollof Rice

My favorite activity I do at the project is taking her lunch.

Thank you for your
   words of encouragement
   prayer and sponsorship

Please pray for her academic success and excellence.

There are lots of trees planted around her project centre.

Theresa and her family are all well.  Theresa laughed and said you look amazing without hair.  Theresa does not cook and Joshua and Peter are twins.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bittersweet news

I received the sad (for me) news that Shallon, from Uganda has left the program. I have been her sponsor for 5 years now.  She started out as a correspondence child and when her sponsor dropped her, I took on her sponsorship.

She was one of my better letter writers, a deep thinker.  When I first got to know her, she wanted to become a teacher, but family health problems forced her out of class for several months while she earned money during her sister's illness.  She went back to school, but in a program to teach her how to be a hairdresser.  She is now 22 and too old for the program and she wants to open her own business.

I will be getting a goodbye letter from her in a month or two (I've been told it's in the pipeline), but she no longer appears on my list of sponsored children.

I made the graphic above here, and printed it in a 5x7 glossy to send to her in my own goodbye letter.

However, they offered me a my choice of a new child and I chose Edilsar, from Mexico.  He's 12 years old and lives near Chiapas.  I don't know much about him yet, but I am his third sponsor in three years and in that time he has received only one letter, so I will make sure we rectify THAT situation right away.

I also chose someone from Mexico in the hope that our Mexican daughter, Marie, might at some time be able to take a package to him for me, but since her family lives closer to Mexico City and he lives in the far southeast, I don't think that will happen.  (Kind of like saying "Oh, you're going to New York, can you drop this package off for my cousin in San Francisco...")

But I look forward in getting to know him.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Introductory letter from Eunice

Eunice is 19

Dear Sponsor,

All about me
My mother's name is Doricas
My father's name is Gilbert

My Sisters' names are Siwana, Grace, Peris, Fausta, Miriamu

My best friends re Stelah, Fredrick, Cruta, Jamwel and Emmy Waya

My Favorites
Best school subject is cooking
Best Bible Story David and Goliath
Best Holiday: New Year
Best Food Rice and Fish
Best Game: swimming
Best Colour: Red

When I grow up I want to be a hotel manager

My question for my sponsor:  what is your favorite kind of weather?

My prayer question to my sponsor -- I wish to be in good health.

Your child in Christ,

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Letter from Henrique

Henrique is 8


Sponsor Beverly,

When I grow up I would like to be a soccer player.  I would like to travel to the United States.

Hello, Dear Beverly.  How are you?  My name is Caroline and I am writing on behalf of  Luiz Henrique.  He is a child who likes to play soccer and he knows the names of many soccer players (He wrote their names below with his drawing)  We are very happy because he is learning to read and write.  He has a peg dog and he is very well and healthy,  Hugs on behalf of Luiz Henrique, Caroline.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Letter from Brightone

10 April 2015

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Accept Easter greetings from me.  I hope this letter finds you well kept in the Lord Jesus.  I am fine together with my family members who have said hi. I am excited to write of you and it was such an encouraging moment to receive the lettes you sent me.  Yes, here in Kenya we live with our families in houses.  I live with my grandmother and my siblings.

I enjoy going to school, thanks to your support.  I am now in Grade 2 and my school is called Mayenje Primary School.  I love being with my classmates.  My deskmates in my class are Evans and Victa.  We help each other to do assignments before we go to play.

Yes, I enjoy drawing too.  I also like colouring and playing with toys.  I draw houses, people, domestic animals and colour them.  I hope you enjoy the ones in this letter.

Easter was with us we remembered the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  For us we sang praise songs to acknowledge God's love for us.  How did you celebrate Easter in your church?  Thank you for your letters, pictures, and support towards me.  I also pray for you.  God bless you.  Good bye!

from Brightone