Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter from Anjali

I don't know the date this was written, but I received it today.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.  I am fine.  I hope same from you.  I received a letter from you, also celebrated mother's day and father's day.  How you celebrated Tom's birthday?  How old to him?  What is he studying now. 

Your photographs are very nice and beautiful.  When I am reading your letter about Ned's cook it made my mouth water. 

We celebrated our Independence Day on 15th of August.  We celebrated Teacher's Day on 5th of September.  That day I honoured my teacher. 

I am studying well.  I am praying for you.  I thank you for your sponsorship.

Your loving child,
M. Anjali

Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter from Theresa

This is the kind of "fill in the blanks" that the little kids send to sponsors. Theresa is only 5.  This letter was written September 14, 2012.

On the back she adds:

Theresa prays that God should help her to be intelligent and lead her class in exams.

She loves singing songs about Jesus at project on Saturdays during project devotion time.

Theresa says she is fine.  Theresa says yes, she wants to know how to read so that she can be a news reader.  Theresa says she has never eaten a cherry.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter from Wainaina

Written September 20, 2012

Dear Beverly Sykes,

First of all is much greetings from me.  How are you and your family? I hope you are fine, and your family as well.  How is the weather in your country?  In our country it's sunny, but some parts it does rain.  I am studying very hard in school and my performance is better.

I also helped my parents in those holiday that is going to end on 31st August, 2012.  The holiday was fantastic as ever before.

My favorite game is soccer.  I am a fan of football since I was in class one.  I like playing football with my team where I do play in defense side.  Pray for our team to win a match between us and Isinga team on this Saturday on 1st September.

May God answer all the prayers I use to pay for you.  May God be with you.

Read Revelation 18:6

Be blessed.

Wainaina makes the most interesting drawings.  Here is his bee hive.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Letter from Murugi

This was written September 6, 2012

Dear Beverly Sykes,

How is everybody in the family?  We are doing well here at home.  I thank God for keeping us safe all through.

I was so happy to receive your letter and seeing the pictures of your wonderful grandchildren.  I have never eaten cherries before, but I hope that one day I will.

It is now sunny and people are now preparing land for the next season of plantation.  Though the previous season was not so good, we hope that the next season will be full of God's blessings and that we will harvest much from our gardens.  How is the weather in your country?  When do you plant?

I would like to thank you for all the support you have given me.  May God bless you abundantly.  I love you a lot.

Good bye!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Letter from Shallon

I received such a beautiful letter from Shallon today:

My mother Beverly Sykes,

Let me take this opportunity to thank God who has given me this golden chance to greet you.  How are you, my mother?  I have taken a long time without talking with you and I thank God for this chance.   Really, my mother, I am happy to see my photo copy.  Thank you very much for the gift you sent to me.

I have read your letters but I was not happy with your knees.  I want a story about what happened to get that damage?  But I thank God who has given you that cane which help your knees to feel better. Really that is a good thing.

How is your husband, Ned, Brianna, baby Lacie and your friends?  Tell your friends that I love them.

We are in wet season where we are planting millet and beans, which you have said that beans some people call it a super food.  You have asked me whether I have ever eaten a cherry.  Surely I have never eaten it.  Which color does a cherry have?

My mother, I got the position which is the same with last term's position.  I was fifth out of eighty one students in our class.  I don't know whether next term I am going to get a new position.  If it is a new position I am going to increase because our class has many students like two hundred and above students.

I am happy with the verse you sent to me because it has improved me to have love with my friends.  I thank God and you very much because you have helped me in many things.  When my mother died, I didn't know that I was going to get another mother like you.  Praise the Lord.

I think that I will write to you soon.  I wish you nice time.  May God bless you.

From your daughter, Katusiime Shallon.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Picture of Fred

I got a new photo of Fred today.  He looks like has has grown so much since the last photo I received!  I love this little guy so much!

First Letter from Josephat

Some information about Josephat from his letter, before the actual letter.  Josephat is from Kenya.

Caregiver:  Sister and Maria Loipokopeny
Josephat is an orphan

My brothers and sisters
Eliza (F) 15 yrs
Lemayian (M) 3 yrs
     (sister's children)
Lpenilas (M) 4 yrs
Najipo (F) 10 months

My best friend
Leo (M) 7 yrs

Best Game:  Soccer
Best Song:  "Depend on the Lord"
Best Food:  Rice stew
Best School Subject:  National Language (Kiswahili)
Best Bible Story:  Joseph
Best Color:  Red

Message for my sponsor:
Josephat says Hello!  And he hopes you are well.  He is also well together with his guardian.  He stays with his sister, who is his guardian.

Josephat also says he is in class two (2) of Milimani primary school now.  And the name of his village is called Yamo.

Your sponsored child thanks you for being his sponsor.

Josephat requests you to pray for his sister and her children.  He says he will pray for you too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Letter from Esther

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I was happy to hear all your stories you wrote me on your letter, Beverly.  It's July now.  I am studying in grade 12, high school.  I will be sitting for final exam soon.  There are many things I have to prepare.  I usually spend my time studying in school, helping around my home, and sometimes taking care of my nephew/niece.  I know when to wake up:  when the sun rises.  Then I tidy up my bed and sometimes I pray.  I will write you again.  God is with you!

Thank you for the photo and letter you sent me, Beverly.