Sunday, December 28, 2014

Letter from Emmanuella

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I thank you for your letters and the care you have been giving to me.

I and my family are fine, by the grace of God.,  Things are fine in Ghana.  Yes, at times earthquakes do happen in my country.

I have now joined the Life Protection club.

How are you and your family doing?  I pray that God will give you all your needs

I want you to pray that God should let y father's business prosper

Luke 1:37:  For with God nothing is impossible.  Amen.

Letter from Lovson

Dear Beverly Sykes,

It's a great day for me to write you this letter.  How are you and your whole family?  Everything is doing well in Haiti in Jesus' name.  Thank you for the beautiful pictures that you sent me.  My family and I are doing well.  I'd like to let you know that my school is doing well.  What is the weather like in your country?  It's very hot in my country.  Do you like the hot weather? I like it.  I'd like to let you know that I had a good summer break with my family.  I went to the garden with my dad and I ate a lot of good avocados.  I had a good summer vacation with Jesus.  I'd like to let you know that I tell people about Jesus who will come soon. I like you to always pray for me to keep on praying and that God will always help my family in all they do.  May God bless you abundantlhy.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

13 letters

13 letters came for me from 13 kids while I was spending time with my cousin in Iowa.  I decided not to reprint them all here, but to start where they began again after I returned home.

Friday, November 21, 2014

New Kiva Loan

Kellen, from Uganda
Kellen is a hard working lady, age 40, hailing from the village of Biharwe in Kashari Mbarara district. She is a widow and has a kiosk selling juice and water.

She has been an ardent customer of UGAFODE since 2003. She is so appreciative of the services because it has brought her a long way. She has managed to grow her business, pay tuition as well complete a residential house for her fatherless children. Because of her trustworthiness and the loan of 3,000,000 UGX, which she previously received from Ugafode, her business grew to a bigger retail shop. This enabled her to construct some houses which will help her get income to pay tuition for her growing children. She is therefore applying for this loan to complete her houses.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Photo of Theresa

This is the latest updated photo from Theresa/Kukuwah, from Ghana, the saddest of my Compassion kids.  I originally chose her because she was I think 4 or 5 and she looked so sad I wanted to take her in my arms and make her feel better.

But the continued sad pictures arrive.  Other sponsors tell me that children from West African countries tend not to smile in photos because of a cultural taboo against smiling.

I hope that is the reason she continues to look sad.  She has grown tremendously since I first sponsored her.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Letter from Shallon

My mother, Beverly Sykes,

Let me take this opportunity to thank God for giving me another golden chance to talk to you.  How are you, my mother?  My family members are sending warm greetings to you.  My family members and I are all okay and healthy.  Every time I receive letters from you I feel so happy.  Thank you very much for loving me and sparing some time to write to me.  I am happy to hear that you celebrated 49 years in marriage.  That is very good.  The photos of your wedding are very nice and you all even had a smile.  I am glad t hear that Dick and Gerry have been married for 50 years.

Jeri at the age of four, Lacie, Brianna with Mickey Mouse.  They looked so happy.  Is it still hot there?

Yes, at school we use chalk and draw pictures while discussing.  The drawings on the letter are so nice.  Yes, I have ever sneezed when I had flu.

How was Tom's birthday?  Thank you very much for selecting a nice cake for Tom in form of a football field. 

We have sunflowers where I live and they are good to watch as they grow.  In our area we have an old man who is 101 years old, but he cannot move long distances.  No, I have never met a pirate and I am not aware of a pirate bible.  How old is Friday now?  Congratulations to Abbie for giving birth.

(Friday is a colt whose birth I watched on "barn cam" some months ago.  Abbie is his mother.)

You have really done a good job at the book store.  I love cooking 

My mother, I am happy to inform you that I am at school studying very well.  We are now in third term and I am reading hard to be promoted to another class.  In my area we receive both rain and sunshine.  I have planted cabbages in my garden.  I liked the Easter song you wrote to me.  My sister is now okay.

Thank you for the photos that you sent to me.

I wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letter from Lovson

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Today, it is with much joy that I take advantage of this opportunity to
write to you.  How are you doing?  And your family?  As for me, everything
is doing very good.  Recently I had a cold which made me cough a lot, but
now I am OK thanks to the medicines I took.

I was glad to get your letters.  Thank you for the picture.  I am glad to
see how much beautiful you are.

(These are in answer to questions I asked)

I like to help my mother to cook.

I knew an old person who was 100 years old.  Her name was ZaZa.

I always see fog when it is raining.

I am asking you to always pray for me that God makes me succeed in school.

There was something that I liked very much on the occasion of my birthday.
It was thanksgiving service that we had in my family.

I love you very much


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Two letters today

From Theresa

This form letter is about Theresa's hope for the future.

I hope to learn about science
I hope to visit my home town
When I grow up I want to be a nurse
I hope to help my parents
In the future I hope to meet my sponsor

Than you for your words of encouragement, pictures and prayers.  She says God should bless her family and her schooling.

She said she would like to be a nurse in the future.

She said she is doing well.  She said she likes going to church and farm with the family and chat with them to have fun also.

From Briana

Dear Beverly Sykes,

It's a real pleasure for me to write you this letter in order to greet you and answer your questions.  How are you, your activities and your family?  As for me, everything is doing well.  My family and I are doing very welll, thanks to God.  Yes, I know someone who is 100 years old.  Her name is Luma Maryanne.  She is my great grandmother, the mother of my grandfather.  No, I am not used to seeing pirates, except in books and movies.  Please pray for me to have more intelligence and patience in all I do.  I am also praying to God to bless you more.  I leave you with psalms 1and I encourage you to read it.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Letter from Divine

Compassion told me that this girl's name was Mushimiyimana Divine and so I have been writing "Dear Mushimiyimana," which I seem to be unable to memorize.  However, her lovely letter came today and it refers to her throughout as I am happy to now call her "Divine," which I can spell!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Your daughter Divine greets you in the name of Jesus Christ.  She is doing well with her family and they are blessing God.  She is doing well at school and currently in her 3rd and final academic term of this year 2014.  We are still experiencing a long dry season, but it is sooin starting to rain.  We are preparing to start planting crops.  In which season are you?  Please keep praying for us to stay healthy and the Divine may maintain good school grades.  May God's peace and blessing keep being with you.

Divine is thankful to you for the letter which you sent her of recent.  She was happy to receive it and hear from you.  Thank you for having updated her on how you were doing.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Kiva Loan

Continuing to build my world-wide cattle herd!

From the district of Korca in Albania, Aferdita is a 41-year-old mother of two children, a 21-year-old and a 15-year-old. She currently has four dairy cows. She also grows lucerne (alfalfa) barley and corn.

Aferdita has found dairy cows profitable, and the farm that she sells the raw milk to is not far from her home, therefore minimizing her transportation costs. She has requested this loan to add two more cows to the herd.

Says Aferdita: “I love animals and many times I find myself talking to them non-stop and it is funny. I love looking after them and their babies when they’re born. I have been doing this for a long time now and never get bored.”

Monday, October 13, 2014

New Photo from Anjali

Anjali is my very first compassion child.  I took her in 2009 and she has grown from a chubby little girl to the beautiful young woman whose photo I received today.

I always love getting photos of her because I think every single photo I have received shows her smiling, which doesn't happen with many of the other children.

This is Anjali, from 2009 to today (blue is definitely her color!)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter from Annie Rose

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Good day to you, sponsor!  Can I call you Auntie?  Auntie, how are you there?  I hope God will give you a healthy body and safe always.

Well, for me, I'm very much fine with my family.  I'm so glad and thankful to God that he give me a sponsor like you. I study hard my lessons to fulfill my goal and ambitions in life.  I'm doing my assignments every night. 

We done a lot of activities in our school.  We make a sentences in our English class.  We draw different types of animals and I draw a butterfly this time.

My house tasks are feeding of piglets, washing plates and others.  I want to work as a teacher when I grow up.  I want to help and teach children to learn more knowledge.  I'm not yet experienced to use chalk for drawing.

Rainy season starting in our place.  In fact, last July 16,2014 there is a typhoon here in the Philippines.  Now Henry typhoon is past by in our place.  I keep on praying to God that he will always protect us from typhoon and he will stay beside us always.

Thank you for supporting me and guiding me through all the way.  How nice you place to go because you have snow season.  Psalm 23:1.  The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Annie Rose

Friday, October 3, 2014

Letter from Henrique

This form letter discusses what he learns in the Project --

-- to say "thank you" and "excuse me" is appreciated by others.
-- playing soccer
-- wash our hands
-- brush our teeth
-- afternoon snack
-- the classes
-- The Bible

My dear sponsor:  Hello.  Are you well?  I like to play soccer.  Do you like sports?

Bible verse for meditation:  Psalm 23:1  (The Lord is my shepherd...)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Letter from Fred

Dear Auntie Sykes

To God be the Glory!!

Hi, hello to all of you.  Hope that you are in good health.  Thank God for his faithfulness in my family.  Last July 19 we brought our eldest brother to the hospital because of dehydration and stomach ache, but he's okay, by God's help.

What is the favorite song of Brianna?

Continue to pray for my studies and my health.  Thank you very much.  God bless you.  Thank you for your letter that you send to me.

Fred Cardinal.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter from Anjali

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I received your letters.  How are you?  How is your health?  And how is your family members?  I am fine here, my family members are all fine.

I like horses.  Thank you for telling about horses and thanks for sending Abbie and Friday pictures to me.  I have a dog in my house.  That dog's name is Tommy.  I play with Tommy.

Belated happy birthday to Brianna.  I pray for you and your mother in my daily prayers.  My favorite thing is also books.  I saw the picture.  It was very nice to see.  The balloon looks like very colourful.  I like spring season.  I am living in Andhra Pradesh at Kunool district in Nandyal.

I saw the Brianna photo playing a ball game.  Now we are in rainy season.  We have some fruits in this season, like custard apple, apples, etc.

In summer season my project conducted VBS (vacation bible school).  In VBS I learnt many songs, memory verses and about Jesus.

On August 15th we will celebrate Independence Day.  I will participate in essay writing.  I am studying very well.  I promoted 5th grade to 6th grade.  I have new friends in my class.  I pray for you and your family members.  I hope you also pray for me and my family members.

Thank you for your support.

Your loving child,

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Letter from Samuel

I think that 9 year old Samuel is the best child I have for answering questions, either that or the person who writes for him is good at it!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Receive warm greetings from your friend Samuel.  He hopes that you are doing very well together with your family.  He says that he is very grateful for the letters you have been sennding to him.  He says that he usually feels very happy and close to you.

He says that when you sneeze in Kenya, you cover your mouth to avoid infecting others and say "excuse me."  Then someone next to you will say that he/she is sorry.  What about in the USA?

He says that he has never known someone who is 100 years old and that he has never met a pirate before because he does not know who a pirate is.

He congratulates you on your anniversary.

He says that he uses chalk for drawing on a blackboard.

Thank you for being my sponsor and a friend.  Goodbye, Samuel says.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Letter from Wainaina

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hello.  Tolday is another wonderful and beautiful day in my life. All over are clouds covering the sun.  It seems like some few days to come it will rain.  I hope you are fine together with your family.  I always pray for you whenever I want to go to bed.  I hope you are still praying for me.

I am so happy for these letters because they make my day wonderful and beautiful.  Whenever I read your letters I get inspired by the good news you send me every time.  Remember that you are always in my heart.  May God bless you and your family.

Receive my love and prayers.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Kiva Loan

Hello World! Meet Rebecca. She is a true definition of a strong, spirited, young, dark, Kisii lady from Kenya. At only 32 years old, the single mother of one is a Branch Manager leading the oldest and most established office at Juhudi Kilimo. Passion, respect and integrity are the key values she upholds and that have got her this far. Her achievements have also been catapulted by her impeccable people skills. In the office, she is well-liked and respected.

Rebecca, however, hails from a very humble and traditional background. It is amazing how far she has got herself today. She is from Riabamanyi, a small remote village in the Central Kisii district of Kenya. Most of the people there are smallholder farmers who occupy small plots of land and practice subsistence farming.

Rebecca grew up fighting so many social and personal battles that only few can relate to. For example, Riabamanyi village has a social codification that invariably colludes with patriarchy to oppress women, through cultural identities that advantage men and disadvantage women. Rebecca was really determined to move against this and to thrive in a community where girls are regarded with less value and not given equal opportunities to succeed.
In her life’s journey, she has dealt with the pain of losing her mother, an elder brother and an elder sister. The two deceased siblings left behind four orphaned children. Being the only employed member in the family, she took the responsibility of looking after these children. Just recently, Rebecca’s world came crumbling down again after her father became paralyzed. She is grateful to God, however, that she still has him as part of her life. She is doing her best to provide him with the best medication she can afford. With all these burdens on her shoulders, Rebecca still manages to keep herself together and strive for excellence in life.

She is seeking a loan of KES 438,100 for higher education. A degree in Business Management will help her to increase her business skills: leadership, interpersonal communication, technology and other valuable hard skills in the business environment.

When Rebecca joined Juhudi Kilimo in 2010 as an Office Assistant, she was still a student. She used her monthly stipend to contribute to the tuition fees for a diploma in Business Management. In no time, she was promoted to become a Business Development Officer. She did a superb job as a BDO which led management to entrust her with more responsibilities of leading a Branch. Joining management has exposed her to a set of new challenges that have enabled her to identify some gaps which she seeks to fill through furthering her studies.

Rebecca says; “My zest is in helping farmers to become more productive and successful. By helping them to improve their enterprise, I am changing their lives. With your loan investment in my education, I promise to use the acquired knowledge and skills to become a better manager and deliver the promise of a better life to our farmers.”

Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter from Israel

Israel, from Bolivia, is turning into my best, most interesting, letter writer.  One of the advantages of sponsoring older children.

Hi, dear Beverly Sykes,

I greet you with much love and a hug to all your family.

I am very grateful with God because he allowed me to have a sponsor like you.  I also want to thank you for telling me the story of your family.  Also, the pictures of your dogs, Sheila, Lizzie and Polly are beautiful.  I think we have the same likes.  I love dogs too.

Dear Beverly, you are a very lucky mother for having children that love music and love playing musical instruments.  I like music too.  I like playing instruments.  When I was 15, I learned to play the electric guitar (bass) and when I was 16 I learned to play the electric guitar. My brother Javier bought an electric guitar and a pedal. Do you know what a pedal is?  It helps the electric guitar to have effects and distortion.  Javier plays the acoustic guitar.  Samuel is my youngest brother and he likes the piano, but he plays the keyboard.  My father is thinking of buying him a keyboard because the one he used got broken.  My brothers and I belong to the Praise Ministry of our church, its name is Casa de Dios.

The sports I like are basketball, soccer and volleyball.  My favorite sport is volleyball.  After my classes my friends and I play volleyball.  It is fun because I have friends who love this sport.

Let me tell you that this is my last year at school.  After I finish it I am thinking of going to college and I want to study civil engineering because I like constructions and structure of buildings like bridges and so, since I was a little kid.  I always liked the numbers, not theory very much.

When I read your letter, I knew that your granddaughter turned 6 years and I read that she likes reading books.  That is very good because she could be a novel writer.  The pictures you sent me are nice.

We only can trust that the Lord will supply our needs.  I read that your mother is not doing well and I will be praying for her health.  I hope your mother trusts in the Lord because God is our strength, shelter, and protector.

I see you like baseball because you watch your granddaughter's matches.  Brianna's pictures are beautiful.  She looks wonderful with her sport outfit.  I am about to learn what baseball is all about.

I aso saw the pictures of little Friday and his mother Abbie.  The pictures are so good.  Thank you for letting me look at them.

I loved reading the letters and the pictures.  I'll say goodbye with a hug.  May God bless you.


Please, pray for my family so God will bless them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Photo of Samuel

There was a new photo which appeared on my account, of Samuel in Kenya.  He looks healthier in this photo than he did in the first picture I saw of him.  I hope he is healthier!

They say the new photo was taken November 2012.  They say I'll get another one in 2 months, since they update every 2 years.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Letter from Josphat

Josphat, who is 8, writes about his latest dental check up.

My last dental checkup waas in August.  The dental checkup was done at the project.  I went for my dental checkup on foot.  I went for my dental checkup with mother.  I felt afraid about going to my dental checkup.  One thing that was done at my dental checkup was to open my mouth wide.  At my dental checkup, the doctor/nurse said [I think he means not to eat sugary foods like sweets]  At my dental checkup I learned to brush my teeth after meals.

Josphat is saved and sends his greeting to you.  He thanks God for such a friend like you.  He received your letter and was happy to know that Madonari is used to area artists.  Josphat says that he rarely uses chalk to draw, but draws using pencils.  He was happy to hear that you celebrated your 50th [actually 49th] anniversary of marriage and wishes you good healthy and happyness.  He also liked the picture of your wedding, as he has hanged it somewhere to always see you.

God bless you and your family.

Bye Bye

Friday, August 22, 2014

Letter from Brayan

I received my first letter from Brayan, apparently written  before he heard from me.  This is a form letter giving me the basics about himself.

I live with my mom and my dad and my little sister (this was a surprise since Compassion told me he lived with his grandmother, that his father was unknown and that his mother was living elsewhere.  No sister was mentioned!)

I also learned that his favorite food is hamburgers,he's 140 cm tall, weight 80 lbs and that his eyes are dark brown.  His favorite song is "I have Joy," his favorite subject is math, his favorite game is (no surprise), soccer and the things he likes most about himself is his hair.

He then asks if I am a man or a woman! and sends this drawing...

I take the two smiling suns as a positive sign of his outlook on life!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter from Briana

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Today I feel happy to write to you this letter and to answer your questions.  How are you doing with your family and your activities?  As for me, things aren't too bad by the grace of God.  For your questions, I feel well.  What I like to do is reading.  The spring seasons where I am living is so nice.  All the trees [have leave the green leave]? also the nice color flower on them.  What I like to do as art is flower, all kinds of color.  I like to draw, and you, what do you like to do?

When I'll become older I would like to become a doctor, a gynecologist.

Help me pray so that I will have more intelligence and patience in all that I am doing also I will help you pray for God to bless you with your family abundantly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Letter from Mushimiyimana

Your child Mushimiyimana Divine is greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  She is doing well and her family.  She is studying well 

In Rwanda we have a lot of sunshine.  Our crops have dried.  How is the weather in those ends? 

She requests you pray for her and her family to have a good life.  She concludes by wishing you God's peace and God's blessing

She thanks you for the letter you sent her to tell her news of your family.  In Rwanda people do not live with animals.  My family was very much pleased to receive your letter.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Letter from Anjali

I  received a very disturbing letter from Anjali, the child I have sponsored the longest (5 years).

Dear Beverly Syes,

Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.  I am very happy to receive your wonderful letter.  I am fine.  I hope the same with you.  In God's grace, all my family very healthy and happy.  How is your sweet family members?

Your friend Nancianne is very great person.  She shaved her head and donated money for child cancer research.  That is a great thing.  You are avery great person to me.  I am very thankful to you.  You can no longer write to me, but I can save all your letters so your letters aways with me.  All your letters.  So your letters always with me all of my life and I don't forgot you.  I know sneeze.

You are a very special person of me.  I love you and your family.  Please send greetings to your family.

Now I promoted to 6th grade.  Please pray for my studies and my family.

I remembering you and your family in my daily prayers.  Thanking your love and support.

Yours loving child.

I had received notice from Compassion that "Our staff in India indicated that the child development center Anjalli attends has not been able to meet all of Compassion's standards for inistering to children in need.  We've been working to address these issues over the last 60 days but have yet come to a resolve.  However, we are hopeful that we will come to a resolution within the next 90 days."

They said that my monthly money for Anjali cannot be sent to her center, but will go into the general fund until the problems are resolved.  But they didn't say anything about not being able to write to her.  I was distraught at the thought of losing her.  But Compassion has since assured me that during the resolution process I can, indeed, continue to write to her.

I hope that this is not going to be the end of my relationship with her.  She literally changed my life.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letter from Wainaina

June 9, 2014

Hey, Beverly.  How are you doing together with your family?  I hope you are all right.  I always pray for you day and night.  I hope you always do the same for me.

Here where I live we have been receiving some rains and the grass are turning greenish.  I hope you have been receiving rain in your country.  In school I am doing well and I hope life will always be good when someone views it with a positive attitude.  We pray for our people who are in need and ask them to go to the church.

May God bless you and I always get your nice and enjoyable letters from Compassion.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letter from Annie Rose

What a delightful first letter from Annie Rose, in the Philippines

May 18, 2014

Dear Beverly Sykes

Hello!  Have a nice day to you, Grandma.  How are you?  Me, I'm always playing with my friends after helping my mother in the house chorse.  It's already summer here in our place and it's too nice always swimming in the river.

The season here is very hot.  Do you have summer in your place?   We don't have spring season here in our country.

I love music, new songs now.  I don't have a good voice but I love to sing.  I took care pig and chicken.  I'm the one who feed of it.  I do my best to finish school to have a good job.

I'll pray to God that we are all safety and happy always.  I'm so happy in the book and letters you've sent.  Thank you very much.

Song of songs 2:32:  "And you, my love, are an apple of tree among trees of the forest."


Monday, July 28, 2014

Meet Brayan

After I finished reading "Enrique's Journey," about a boy from Honduras whose mother had left him when he was 5, who made a perilous journey to the U.S. to find her at age 15, I felt so discouraged by the way our country is treating children fleeing poverty and violence and trying to come as refugees to this country.

I knew that as one person there was nothing I substantial I could do, but I could add a child from Honduras to our family.

Brayan is 12 years old, the age Enrique was when he decided to try to earn enough money to make the dangerous trip to the U.S.  He lives with his grandmother, like Enrique's sister did (Enrique lived with his father) after the mother left.  And he has been waiting for a sponsor for nearly a year.

Compassion tells me that he had one sponsor for about five years, but they only wrote to him once a year.  He then had two more sponsors who were assigned to him, but didn't want him.

Both parents are alive, but the father has never been in the picture, and the mother does not live with Brayan and the grandmother.

I had to take on the sponsorship of this child.  I hope to get to know him and maybe make a teeny part of his life a bit better.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Letter from Henrique

In this form letter, I learn about Henrique's Christian learning

Dated May 8, 2014

At the project I have Bible class 1 time a week.  Because of Bible classes I've been able to learn that God is good. What I like most about Bible class is learning new Bible stories.  My favorite Bible story is David and Goliath.  What I like most about Jesus' life is the miracles of Jesus.  When I pray I ask god  for my family.

Bible verse:  "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." --Philippians 4:13

Hello, how are you?  My name is Lucilia and I am writing on behalf of Luiz.  He isa very active boy and he likes to fly kites and play soccer.  Here at the project he participates in soccer, karate and recreation games.  A strong hug on behalf of Luiz.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter from Briana

Dated 6/10/14

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hello!  I feel happy to write you this letter.  I hope that you and your family are fine, thanks to God.  How are you, your family and your activitiess?  As for me, I am not very well because I was sick.  I got a fever and rheumatism.  I saw a doctor and I am under treatment.  I feel good to write you this letter. 

In answer to your questions, yes, I sneeze, especially when I get flu and cough. My birthday has already ended; I had a nice party but it was not grandiose.  What about yours?  Have you ever sneezed?  How do you celebrate your birthday with your family?

Please pray for me so that I can have more patience just like Solomon and that I can be intelligent like the three men Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego.  Please pray for my schooling and temperance.  I will be praying so that God can bless you abundantly.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter from Fred

Dated 5/26/14

Christian greeting!!

First of all,  thank you so much for the Christmas gift that you sent me that worth 555.52 last December.  Thank you also for your letter and I enjoyed reading it and watching your pictures.

I attended our Junior's Camp and I learned and I knew that I am a child of God.  I understand everything when I joined this camp.

What is Brianna's favorite food?

Ourclass will start this June and I will move to grade 5.

Please pray for my health.  God bless you!!!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letter from Miché

There is a great similarity in all of Miché's letters!

May 30, 2014

Dear Beverly Sykes,

It is a pleasure for me today to write you this letter.  How are you, your family, and your activities?  As for me and my family, everything is doing well thanks to God. 

Yes, I will celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. On May I like most playing soccer with my friends.

In any picture I don't like looking at cat.  I see a flag in a picture. I am in a drawing class.  I take part iin club activities.  I succeeded in the past term exams.  Hopefully I will succeed in the last term exams left. 

I ask you to pray for my activities.  I hope God bless you.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter from Banesa

Dated 3/1614

Dear Beverly Sykes,

How are you doing?  I hope you're doing well.  I want to wish you many birthdays and may God bless you very much always.

I want to tell you I'm doing very well.  How about you?

I hope to be very well in my studies, thanks God.  I'll be in my final exams on May 24th and I think I will do excellent because I wish to pass my grade.

I had a wonderful time on Easter.  How about you?  I was on vacations in Santo Domingo at my grandmother's house, thanks God, and I had a lot of fun.

May God protect you every day.

Love and kisses,

Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Kiva Loan

Lewnida lives in Magunga, a small town in Homa Bay County. Homa Bay County is located in southwestern Kenya and borders on Lake Victoria, the second-largest lake in the world. Populations are dense close to the lake, where many individuals make their living from fishing, and a few work in the small but slowly growing tourism industry. A popular tourist attraction in Homa Bay County is Ruma National Park, a game reserve that is home to the rare roan antelope, a shy species distantly related to the reticulated giraffe. Most people in Homa Bay make their living from farming, and the rolling hills of the area are dotted with fields and fruit tree plantations.

Lewnida is a widow with nine children. She is a farmer. She has been farming for twenty years now, and she is currently growing maize, beans, green grams, sorghum and groundnuts. Lewnida is excited about beekeeping, as it will earn her some income from the sale of honey, because it is an easy project to undertake, and it has a ready market.

This is Lewnida’s first loan with Honey Care. She plans to use the proceeds from her beehives to pay school fees for her children. Lewnida’s hope for the future is to invest in business and have an economic change in her life.

I chose her because ... my god... Nine children!!!  She needs help.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Letter from Anjali

Another wonderfully long letter from Anjali.  I have been writing to her the longest.  She is now 11 years old, her English has improved wonderfully, as has her handwriting.  I was also sent a "translation" (neat-ing up the handwriting), but it left out an important sentence, so I am copying this from the letter she wrote herself, grammatical errors and all!  She is answering a letter I wrote in January, talking about our trip to Seattle to see my friend singer/songwriter Steve Schalchlin in concert with The Righteous Mothers, and staying with our friends Gabi and Alec Clayton. Alec is a painter and author, with 7 books under his belt. Gabi works tirelessly to keep gay kids safe, following their son's suicide after a gay bashing incident. I didn't mention the "gay" aspect of it, or that Bill had killed himself, but did talk about bullying and Gabi's work trying to prevent it.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our lord, Jesus Christ.  I received your letter.  How are you?  How is your health?  How is your family members?  I am fine.  My family members also fine.  My health is good.  Wish you a happy birthday.  I am very happy that you are enter into 71 years.  I saw your photo that is very nice and looking very beautiful.

My project members all are fine.  My C.D.F. told curriculum stories every day.  I am going to project every day and monthly one's time my project conduct Bible quiz.  I am going to Sunday School every Sunday.  I learn more songs and Bible stories in Sunday School.

Now we are in summer season.  It is very hot in this season.  We got some fruits like mangoes, watermelon, grapes, pomegranates, etc.  Please pray for my country.  How is your country weather?  Now I am preparing my final exams.  Please pray for my exams.

I am celebrated my birthday in this year very hapily with my friends and family members.  But I miss you in that day.  I will distribute chocolates to my friends, family members and teachers. In the morning I went to a church with my new dress.

Please come to India.  I want to meet you one's time.  I am waiting for you.  I am remembering you and your family members.  Also remembering you.  Please pray for my project.

How is your friends Gabi and Alec?  We can imaginate how you did your spend three days with your  might have enjoyed with them lot.  How is your author friend Steve Schalchlin.  Did you see him?  If you meeet him so please convey my greeetings to him and also try to send some songs which he sang.  How is Alec works.  If it is possible please send me some books which he has published.  Sure that bullied doesn't happen to othere children.  It's a good concept which she has taken.  It will be improve good activities in children.  So how is your friend Steve?  Have you met him?  If you meet, please convey my greetings to him.  How is his righteous mothers group for womens who have been singing for 30 years.  I encourage them to grow in sing folk musics and also we encourage them to sing wonderful way.  We also want them to see on if God's will so thankful for this letter which you have send.

Please pray for my studies and also please pray for Compassion project.

Thank you for your love and support.

Your loving child,

Friday, June 27, 2014

First Letter from Israel

Israel is a new correspondence child.  He's 17 and is from Bolivia.

Dear Sponsor,

Hello.  I greet you with the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for being my sponsor.  My name is Israel  and I was born in Cochabamba on January 16 of 1997.  My father is Rafael and my mother Maria died seven years ago. I have six siblings and my oldest brother is Javier and he is 22 years old and he will study sound engineer.

Thanks to god my family is healthy and we are a good team when we had to do something like singing praises of Jesus.

This is my last year at school because I am thinking about going to university the next year and I want to study Civil Engineering.  I am interested in this major because I like calculation.  I am going to a church named Casa de Dios and my pastors are Felix and Magdalena Rodriguez.  Also, I am part of the praise ministry because God gave me the privilege of playing electric guitar and bass.  I like praising the Lord because he gave me eternal life.  He changed me and he keeps changing my life.  I am thankful to God because he is faithful and good to all the people.  I close with a hug.  My prayer request is for my family and my life and my studies.

Your friend,

Friday, June 20, 2014

The World Cup

With the World Cup upon us, I went to and made these pictures for the boys I sponsor.  This went to Henrique, who lives in Brasil, and who loves soccer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Photo

I have been sponsoring Briana since 2010.  She is growing up!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter from Banesa

Here's a form labeled "How I have fun"

During my free time, I like to play with my pet Susi in my spare time.
When I'm indoors I like to do my homework and my household chores.
When I am outside I like to help my friends.
One sport I like to play is to dance hula hoop

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hello!  How are you?  I hope you are well.  You asked me if I had pets inside of my house.  Yes, I do.  It's a very fun cat.  We call him Susi.  I  really liked the photo you sent me when you were my age.  I'm doing very well at school, thanks God.  The subject I don't like is math.  How did you do at Christmas?  What are you planning to do on this new year?  I hope you and your family do well. 

The word of God says, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him and he delivers them."  Psalms 34:1

May God always take care of you.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Letter from Emmanuella


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Thank you for all your letters.  It makes me feel very happy and I enjoy reading it.

No, I don't know what bullying is about.  Yes, I do sneeze.

I am learning how to bake bread.

How is your work doing?

I pray that God will make your way prosperous.

Pray that God will bless me and my familyh.

Memory Verse:  Jeremiah 14:16.  Behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh.  Is there anything too hard for me?

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Kiva Loan

Shahanik is a hardworking woman from Garnarij village of Shirak region of Armenia. She lives there with her husband and 20-year-old daughter.

Shahanik is involved in animal husbandry. She keeps five cows, 22 calves, 19 sheep, piglets and 15 chickens. Shahanik sells the gathered milk and meat in local markets and that's the only source of family's income.

The loan of USD 3,000 will be a very big support for Shahanik to purchase 10 calves and fuel for land cultivation needed for her farm. As this is Shahanik's first loan, it has been approved within the framework of the new joint initiative between Kiva and SEF. The first-chance loan program provides loans to people who didn’t have access to credit products in the past because they have no credit history.

Letter from Samuel


In filling in a form about his community, Samuel shares that

I live in a village in Kitui county.  My community is located in Eastern part of Kenya and is in rural setting.  The main language spoken in this area is Kamba (his mother tongue).  The common job in my community is farming.  The common type of transportation in  my community is roads.  In my community the weather is mainly hot, sunny, and dry.  The physical features in my community are mountains.  The main religion in my community is Christianity.  One fun thing to do in my community is visiting friends.

Message to my sponsor
Praise God.  I hope you are fine and in good health.  We are doing good (me and my family).  I appreciate the letter you sent to me and moreso the game you taught me via the letter.  May you be blessed.  I always play soccer with my friends, both at school and at the project.  Thank you and have a blessed Easter.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Letter from Josphat

I had a letter from Josphat dated January with the form "How I Have Fun."  Now I have a letter dated February with the same form on it.  Things have changed a bit since the first one.

Dear Beverly Sykes:

During free time I like to play football.  My favorite activity is trimming and clearing the grass around our home.  When I am outside, I like to play football.  When I am inside, I like to clean our house.  One sport I like to play is football.  I usually play with friends.  When I am bored, I like to sleep on my bed.  One fun thing I llike to do is having a walk.

My drawing:

Message to my sponsor:

Josphat says hallo to you.  He says that he is quite fine in the Lord, who has brought him this far.  He says that here in Kenya, the weather has turned to be very hot (sunny).  Bye! Bye!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Letters from Kenya

This first of these letters is from Josphat

Receive greetings from Josphat.  He hopes that you are doing well too.  He says that he is happy you sent a letter to him.  He is grateful for the game.  It took time to understand it but it is enjoyable.  He promises that he will send you a game.  He asks you to pray for him to be in good health and to excell in education. 

He finally says bye.

The second letter is from Erick Wainaina

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hey!  Beverly.  How are you and your family.  I hope you are doing well.  I pray to God every day for you and your family to have a better future together, wherever you area.

Here at home we are receiving much rain and I'm so happy to receive your letters.  You know, the funny thing that makes me happy and smile a lot is when I read your letters and look at your photos.  You know that the photos you sent me are very colourful and beautiful.

You asked me that if I sneeze.  Of course, I do sneeze when there is something smelly around.

I want to tell you today that you are always in my heart and you will remain there forever.  May your happiness remain forever and ever in your heart.  May God be with you.

I am sending my love and happiness for you and your family.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meet Venkanna

When the situation with Lovson came up, I asked Compassion if they were going to assign me a new correspondence child.  The same day, Venkana showed up on my list of correspondence children.

When my friend took over sponsorship for Lovson, he was returned to my list of correspondence children, and Venkana is still there, so I guess he is new to the family.

He's 11 years old and in the 5th grade (looks very tall)  He lives with his parents (who are part-time farmers) and has a brother and a sister. There are also grandparents mentioned in the profile.

His family duties include washing clothes, running errands, carrying water, and gathering firewood.

His hobbies and sorts include group games, running and storytelling.

I look forward to getting to know him.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Letter from Henrique

This form tells me about his medical checkup.

My last medical checkup was in March 2014
In order to do my medical examination, the doctor came to the Project.
While I was doing the exam, I had with me my mother.
During the examination I was weighed and my height was measured
The doctor gave me the following recommendations: to have good nutrition and always brush my teeth.
Because of the medical examination, I learned to take care of our health

My Dear Sponsor:

Hello.  How are you?  I'm well.  I get happy to receive your letter.  I hope that you send news soon.

My drawing for you:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Real Angels

The most amazing thing happened this evening.  A reader of Funny the World contacted me and offered to take on Lovson's sponsorship.  Said she had been a sponsor years ago and stopped because she didn't like writing letters, so if I will continue the correspondence,she is happy to pick up the sponsorship. 
I was brought to tears.  There are wonderful people in the world, and this is one of them.  I have contacted Compassion to see how we can make this happen.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Goodbye, Lovson

It was with great sadness that I received a note from Compassion letting me know that one of my correspondence kids, Lovson in Haiti, had lost his financial sponsors.  I have only been writing to him for about a year, but he is the only one of my 15 children who is doing above average in school, and he is showing promise of being one of my better letter writers.

I was offered the chance to pick up his financial sponsorship, but much as I would like to, I just can't add another child.

Then a situation developed with World Vision, through which I have just started sponsoring one child. It seems that World Vision recently made the decision to stop discriminating against people in same sex marriages.  A good decision.  A Christian decision.  Kudos to them!

But within 48 hours, members of a radical right wing Christian group dropped sponsorship of over 2,000 children unless World Vision reverse its good, Christian decision.

They did. On March 26, World Vision President Richard Stearns reversed the decision, stating, “our board acknowledged that the policy change we made was a mistake.” Supporters helped the aid group “see that with more clarity,” Stearns added, “and we’re asking you to forgive us for that mistake.”

A bad decision.  An UnChristian decision.  I take back my Kudos.

My immediate reaction was to drop my sponsorship at World Vision, which would allow me to pick up the financial sponsorship of Lovson.  Then I realized what a horrible thought that was.  The people who callously dropped more than 2,000 children just because World Vision had decided to do the right thing were saying that the importance of their religious ideology trumped the welfare of children in jeopardy all over the world.

And if I were to drop my World Vision child in protest, I would be using her in the same way. So I have sadly told Compassion I cannot sponsor Lovson and asked if I could write him a letter of goodbye.

I have also asked what Compassion's policy is on same sex marriages.  I suspect that I will be disappointed in their answer (if they answer), but again, I can't use my sponsored children callously and I will keep them, no matter what, and I hope I am not disappointed.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Letter from Leniel

This letter is dated 3/11/14 and begins with a form about his typical week.

I typically get up at 7 a.m.  In the morning I typically take a bath.  In the afternoon I typically play with my plane and go to the park.  I typically go to sleep at 9 p.m.

Hello, dear Beverly,

How are you?  Thank you so much for each one of your letters, and for your gifts and your prayers for me.  On Three Kings Day, I was given a car and played with my friends.  How did you spend Christmas?  Please pray for me and for my family.  I love the Christmas carols.  My best friends are Jorder and Robert and I really like playing with them.  My family and I are well and I say goodbye with lots of kisses.


Look at those STAIRS!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Letter from Josphat

Josphat sent me a letter dated January which was the form "How I have Fun."  He has now sent me another one, dated February, which has changed somewhat!

 Dear Beverly Sykes

During free time I like to play football.  My favorite activity is trimming and clearing the grass around our home.  When I am outside, I like to play football.  When I am inside, I like to clean our house.  One sport I like to play is football.  I usually play with friends.  When I am bored, I sleep on my bed.  One fun things I like to do is having a walk.

My drawing:

Message to my sponsor:

Josphat says hallo to you.  He says that he is quite fine in the Lord, who has brought him this fasr.  He says that here in Kenya the weather has turned to be very hot (sunny).  Bye! Bye!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Letter from Wainaina

Hey!  Beverly.  How are you and your family?  I hope you are doing well.  I pray to God every day for you and your family.  We have a better future together wherever you are. 

Here at home we are receiving much rain and I'm so happy to receive your letters.  You know the funny thing that makes me happy and smile a lot it's when I read your letters and look at your photos.  You know that the photos you sent me are very colorful and beautiful. 

You asked me if I sneeze.  Of course I do when there is something smelly around. 

I want to tell you today that you are always in my heart and you will remain there forever.  May your happiness remain forever and ever in your heart.  May God be with you.

I'm sending my love and happiness for you and your fasmily.

Kimani Erick

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter from Fred

There was not only a letter from Fred, but a new photo.  I love it when I get photos!  He is looking so grown up.

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian Greetings!!!

Thanks for the letter and words of encouragement for me.  I am so happy when I read your letter.  Thanks for the picture.  What is the favorite sport of Brianna?  I like to play basketball.

About my studies, and my family still okay, by God's grace. 

Every Sunday I go to church with my mother, so please pray for my health.

Thank you very much.  God bless you.


Letter from Josphat

In this form letter, Josphat tells me about his community

I live in Kenya in Samburu County.  My community is located in the Northern part of Kenya and is in rural setting.  The main language spoken in this area is Samburu.  The common job in my community is cattle keeping.  The common type of transportation in my community is bus.  In my community the weather is mainly sunny, but now is cloudy and rainy.  The physical features in my community are hills and valleys.  The main religion in my community is Christianity.  One thing fun to do in my community is hunting with dogs.

Message to my sponsor:

Receive greetings from Josphat.  He hopes that you are doing well too.  He says that he is happy you sent a letter to him.  He is grateful for the game.  It took time to understand it, but it is enjoyable.  He promises that he will send you a game.  He asks you to pray for him to be in good health and to excel in education.   He finally says bye.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Letter from Mushimiyimana

I was shocked that I got this letter so quickly.  They must have had her write it before she got my first letter because there is no way it could have gotten to her so quickly.  This is an Introduction letter in which she lists the names of all of the people in her family -- two parents and 8 children.  I will not repeat them!

She also tells me that

her favorite color is yellow
her favorite game is "tennis ball"
her favorite food is rice
her favorite toy is "a house"
her favorite Bible verse is Psalms 1:1 (Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers,)
her favorite school subject is mathematics
her dream is to be a doctor

Message for my sponsor:  My family and I are doing well.
Question for sponsor:  Where do you live?  How are you doing?  What are your hobbies?
Prayer for my sponsor:  May God's peace and blessings be upon you.
Prayer requests from child:  Pray for me to do well at school and pray for my mother to get well, because she is sick.

This is the type of message that tugs at my heartstrings because I have no way of knowing how sick her mother is and how long she has been sick.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter from Kukuwah

The people in Ghana are making me crazy.  My letters from this 7 year old come from "Theresa," but Compassion has told me that her name is Kukuwah and one time I asked and they said she preferred "Kukuwah," but in this letter, written by someone else, she is referred to by both names!  The first part of this is a form she filled out and then there is a narrative later.


The name of my community is New Ebu.
My community is localted in a village
A common job in my community is farming
A common type of transportation in my community is Taxi
People in my community speak Fante
One fun game in my community is Ampe. (it seems that all the girls in African countries play Ampe, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and actually fund the game rules)

Thank you for your words of encouragement, pictures, stickers, prayers and sponsorship.

Please pray for a long life for me and my family.

The common crop my community grows is tiger nut (which is not a nut, but a tuber, like a potato)

Child's response to questions
Theresa says yes her country celebrates something like Easter within the year.  Kukuwah says Easter is her favorite holiday because it is school vacation and family come around.  Kukuwah says they go to church and prepare food for them.

Kukuwah says her project Christmas party was enjoyable to her.  She says they sing, run, and act, eat fried rice which she eat once while at the project center.  She said her Christmas party was fun.  She said they had their Independence on 6th March, which was holiday for all schools.  She said all the various schools in the country match on the Independence day.  She sad she did not know fireworks.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Letter from Miche


Today it is a pleasure which is in my heart for writing you this letter.  How are you and your family doing?  Are your activities going well?  Here, everyone is very well, with the Almighty God.  My activities are going well.  I was very happy for the letters and the nice pictures.  I love to look at them with my friends.  I have a little member of my family who is afraid of looking at the dog.

Yes, there is a day of Thanksgiving in my country that they use to thank God.  I would like to know the name of your dog.

I will be in the period of Easter.  The project has many competitions -- proverbs, verses, and competition of text (poem, poetry).  Do you like that kind of activities.  I stay there.  I wish that you always remember me in your prayers and my family too.  I pray for you and your family.  I love you very much.  May God bless you and all your family.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Letter from Shallon

Dearest my mother in Christ, Beverly Sykes,

Let me take this opportunity to thank God who has given me this golden chance to greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our beloved lord.

The main issue of writing this letter is to thank you very much for everything you have done for me.  Like I thank you for the letters.  I would like to tell yoiu that every day I pray to god  because God has made me what I am.  I am very glad to hear that your mother has ninety-four years. 

I am now at school and I am doing well.  That is why I praise the name of God every time I have a chance to do so.  I want to send you a verse in the bible.  It is from Isaiah 55:3. [Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.]  It is special to make you just the way he wanted you to be.

At our home we live with dogs.  So many families live with them.

I have a new year resolution.  I want to read my books and be a candidate next year.

My country has the day of Thanksgiving, especially at our church, thyat is 16 February.  Of course  you cannot come to thank God with nothing.  You bring what you have.

We are in dry season.  Which season are you enjoying over there?

I send my greetings to you and your family members.  God bless you with his love, peace, and may you get to know his unconditional love for you.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Squeaky Wheel

I took on the sponsorship of a child in India 6 months ago.  I have sent multiple letters and 2 packages (I chose World Vision this time because you can send small packages, but to date have received no message from my newly sponsored child.  Because the area which this child lives is a "sensitive area," I am unable to print the name or any information about the sponsoring center.

I have written several times to World Vision about receiving nothing and each time am told that I should wait at least four months...then I write and point out is is significantly longer than four months.  Today I received a phone call saying that a letter would be in the mail, but that they had a digital version and did I want that e-mailed to me.  Did I?????

There is a handwritten letter from the child and a typed letters and though it is signed by my sponsored child, it seems  to have been written by an adult.  Anyway, here -- FINALLY -- is the start of this new correspondence.

and the additional letter says..
Greetings to you from our family members. Our family members are fine and in good health. I have received the letter , sticker, greeting photo, and small book. The gifts are good and much useful to me. I stick the sticker on my books. We as family thank a lot for your love and concern shown towards our family. I am regularly going to the school and doing the studies well.

The World Vision has done school wall painting regarding the awareness on the HIVAIDS and provided school bags to the school children and conducted life school transformational development program for the children in the communities. Children took active participation in the program and learnt songs and good moral stories. And also provided assisted for economic development of the poor family through milch animal for income generation activities,

All these facilities are being provided to our community because of your precious help. Once again we thank you for love and concern in helping us.

You loving Sponsored Child.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Letters Today

The first is from Lovson, in Haiti


Dear Beverly Sykes,

I have a lot of joy to write to you this letter today.  How are you?  I am doing well, by the grace of God.  How is the temperature in your area?  In my side, the temperature is hot.  Do you love when the temperature is hot?  Yes it is a special thing if God allows me to exist.  And I hope that there is someone else called Lovson in the world.

My family had a special day, thanks to God for the gift that He had given to us.  This day is Sunday.

My family has pet such as hens, dogs, ducks, and pigeon.  I thank you for the beautiful photo that you have sent to me and I was very nice.  I ask you to pray for my family and I for my school to go well.  I am praying for your family, especially for Ned to God to protect Ned in the surgery.  May God bless you!

The second is from Briana, also from Haiti.


Dear Beverly Sykes

Hello!  I feel happy to write you this letter.  I greet you in Jesus' name, our Savior. How are you, your activities, and your family?  As for me, everything is going well.  I celebrate Christmas by putting a Christmas tree and we organize a party. Some peple stay overnight to celebrate.  How do you celebrate Christmas and Easter day?

Please, I request your prayers so that I can have more patience, intelligence and wisdom, just like Solomon.  Also, I will be praying so that God can bless you abundantly.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Letter and Photo from Anjali

I love it when I get photos with my letters.  She is now old enough to write her own letters, and they are long and getting more legible all the time. Photos come as a thank you for a gift.  I send money and they decide how to spend it.  This time Anjali bought a suitcase for all of her family to use.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our lord, Jesus Christ.  I received your letter.  How are you?  How is your health?  And how is your family members?  I saw a beautiful pictures. I like birds very beautiful.  Thank you for giving this pictures. In India I saw many birds flying on the sky. 

I am studying very well.  I improve my studies.  My project conducted a retreat about discipleship.  In discipleship camp I listen a new message in our life and I learn so many memory verses, action songs, and bible stories.  I pray for you and your family members in that retreat.  I hope same with you.

Which colour do you like?  I play games very well and I like games so much.  I attend the school every day and every Sunday I am going to Sunday school. I like my friend very much.  My friend name Joshana.  I remember you and your family members in my daily prayers. 

I saw a beautiful pictures of you and your grandchildrens.  Your grandchildrens are so nice.  I am happy because Tom celebrated the 43rd birthday.  My mother also would read books to me.  My favorite story is Jesus story.  I like Jesus very, very much.  I am studying very well.  I am playing many games.

Now we are in winter season here, also cool weather. I enjoyed this season here, also cool weather.  I want t visit you.  Which season do you like? And why?  I am still going to Sunday School every Sunday.  I enjoyed reading stories and bibles.  Do you like swimming?  Please tell me your friends names.

Thank you for giving these pictures for me.  I am very happy to write this letter.

I like flowers so much.  In India we have some flowers like lily, maine gold, hibiscus and rose flowers, etc. I am studying very well. We have some fruits like grapes, custard apple, etc.  Now the weather is cool.  I like this season.

I want to say one memory verses, psalms 8:13.1 "The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want."  I like this memory verse because really the lord is our shepherd.  He has so much love for you and for me.  Really I remembered you when I am praying to God.  My birthday, September 22, for thanking you for your sponsorship.

I received your gift amount.  I am very happy that my family members also very happy I bought one traveling suitcase.  It is very useful for all my family members.  Thank you for your gifts.  Thanking you for your love and support

Yours loving child,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meet Mushimiyimana

I was sitting in Santa Barbara reading an article about how the bloody massacre in the war of Hutus vs. Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, women have become the political winners.  It told about how things have changed and the women who have come to power and are working hard to make sure this sort genocide never happens in their country again.

I remembered seeing the movie Hotel Rwanda and how angry I had been that our country had deserted people, knowing they would be killed.

Even before the war broke out, I had a soft spot in my heart for Rwanda because of the mountain gorillas, which I wanted to visit but am now too old to ever make that difficult trek.

Suddenly, I wanted to sponsor a child in Rwanda.  I checked children looking for sponsors and found Mushimiyimana.  It was a match made in heaven.  She was an older child (those are always more difficult to place), she had been waiting for a sponsor for more than a year and what is more, her birthday was the same as mine (this makes my second "birthday twin," as Shallon, in Uganda, also shares a birthday with me).

And so without even thinking twice, I clicked the "sponsor" button and added her to the ten I already sponsored (and 7 that I just write to).  Today I received information about this little girl.

She's 11 years old.
She is attending school, where her performance is average.

Family Duties
  • Cleaning
  • Animal care
  • Carries water
Hobbies and Sport
  • Group games
  • Jump rope
  • Other ball games
  • Father
  • Mother
Natural Parents
Marital status of parents: Now married
  • Natural parents are together
  • Father is alive
  • Father is living with child
  • Father is supporting child
  • Mother is alive
  • Mother is living with child
  • Mother is supporting child
  • Father/ Male Guardian is sometimes employed
  • Father/Male Guardian is a farmer
  • Mother/Female Guardian is at times employed
  • Mother/Female Guardian is a farmer
I look forward to getting to know her better.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Letter from Fred

January 25, 2014

Dear Auntie Sykes

To God be the Glory!!!

Once again thank you for your letter and for the picture that you sent to me.  I am so happy to read it together with my mother.  How are you there?  Hope that you are in good health.  We are praying that God will bless your work.  How is your weather condition?  Here our weather is windy and every morning we're so cold.

About my family is still ok.  We go to church every Sunday.

This January I join our playground demonstrations in school for our city feast.

Continue to pray for my studies.  Thank you very much.  God bless you.

Fred Cardinal.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter from Anjali

Now  that Anjalli is getting older, she is writing more legibly, writes her own letters in English, and writes longer letters.  I loved this one.


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our Jesus Christ.  I am fine.  I hope that same with you.  How is your family members?  My family members are fine.  I am very happy to write this letter.  I am studying very well.  I am preparing my final exams.  Pray for my education.

Now we are enter into summer season.  Getting hot.

How is our founder day -- our project children played dances and skits on that day.  After we celebrated our suppose Christmas on December 23rd.  At my project premises our school children played Nativity play on that day.  Our college chldren presented a skit.  We enjoyed a lot on that day.

I thank you for Christmas dress, December 25th.  I wear new dress and went to church.  I enjoyed with my family members and friends on Christmas day.

Recently we celebrated our harvest festival.  All family members went to church to take the blessings of God.  After we take part in auction.

Please play for my country, family project and my studies.

I received your letter.  I am very happy that on Christmas times we prepare some sweets and we wear new dress.  Morning 7:30 we went to church and pray to God.  In that time some people help to poor peoples.  We are enjoying this season.  I am so happy to celebrate this Christmas.

My favorite food is rice and dal.  I like spicy hot foods.

Thank you for your support.

Yours loving child,

Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter from Henrique

At age 7, Luis Henrique is a man of few words.  This is a form he filled out which lets me know that:

He had vacations in January and June
They last 30 days.
He likes to visit his relatives
His favorite relative is his cousin
He likes to play with his friends in vacation
He likes to go to the beach
He suggests I read Genesis 1:3 (the "in the beginning" part)

His personal message is:

Thanks for everything. I loved your last letter.

And he includes a drawing

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Faces

Compassion recently published a blog entry about the numbers of kids who went without ever hearing from their sponsors and how sad it made them, so I wrote and said that I could take on another two correspondence children, so I now have two more to add to the family.

Annie Rose (don't you love that name?) is 10 years old and is from the Philippines.

She is in Grade 2 and performs below level.

She lives with both of her parents.  Her father is a farmer and her mother runs a variety store.

She likes to play house, to play jacks, swim, read, draw and listening to music.

Her duties at home include:
  • Washing clothes
  • Running errands
  • Making beds
  • Cleaning
  • Animal care
  • Carries water
  • Child care
  • Gathers firewood
  • Kitchen help
It doesn't say if she has siblings, but since she includes "child care," I assume that she does.

I look forward to getting to know her.

 Israel is 17 years old and is from Bolivia. (He sure doesn't look 17, does it?)

He is in the 11th grade and his performance is "average."

He lives with his father.  His mother has died, but it does not say when she died.

He plays the guitar, and likes singing and listening to music.  He likes group games, soccer, volleyball and other ball games.

His home duties include:
  • Washing clothes
  • Running errands
  • Making beds
  • Cleaning
  • Animal care
  • Child care
  • Gathers firewood
  • Kitchen help
I notice that he, too, lists child care, though no siblings are listed in his information.

I had one child from Bolivia before and never heard from him once, and his parents pulled him from the program so he was only with me for a year or less.  I hope I have better luck with Israel and will do my best to make him feel as part of the family.