Saturday, August 25, 2012

Letter from Anjalli

 Written 6/18/12

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.  I am fine.  I hope same you.  I had summer holidays.  I went Srisailam in summer holidays. [This is a dam across the Krishna River in the Kurnool District]. I saw tiger, rabbit, deers, peacock in Ashram after I went dam.

I completed 3rd grade and promoted to 4th grade.  Our family members are hydrated also [I wonder what THAT means!].  I saw Nagarjuna Sagay dam.

How are your pets?  How is your weather?  Our weather is getting cool.  How is your granddaughters?  I am praying for you and your family.  I thank you for your loving sponsorship.

Your loving child,
 M. Anjali

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letter from Theresa

The Compassion kids in Ghana, especially the young ones, write letters on a certain theme, when they write.  Two letters ago, Theresa wrote about her house, last time she wrote about her project.  This time she is writing about her dreams (though since she is only 5, I suspect there is a lot of prompting about what to write.  The front page of the letter was just multiple choice questions to answer.  She would like to visit America. She wants to help expand the family business, she wants to give me a gift, she wants to be a teacher.  On the back there is more detailed information.

Theresa says God should help her to get money to help her family when she grows up.  Theresa says her dream is to visit her senior sister at Kumasi in the Ashanti region some day [I am assuming this refers to a sister who she says is 30]

Theresa says her favorite thing to do during the day is to fetch water and wash the utensils for her family.  She says the song she sings with her friends is  ABCD, EFGH, IJKL, MNOP, QRST, UVW, XYZ, XYZ.  She says the special thing to do is draw for her mother.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter from Anjali

Dear Beverly Sykes

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.  I am fine here.  I hope same with you there.

I received two letters from you.  How are you?  How is your health?  I am also like spring season.  I am also like read books, like to read story books.  My belated birthday wishes to you and your husband.  How is your mother's health?  How is your little puppy and his new family?  In the picture the flowers are very beautiful.

I went to my mother-in-law's town.  [maybe she means grandmother]  I went Nagarjuna Sager and saw the dam there.

I am enjoying in holidays.  School reopens on June 12.  I am praying for you and your family.  I thank you for your loving sponsorship. 

Yours loving child
M. Anjali

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Letter from Esther

Beverly Sykes -- The weather in May was indeed hot enough.  I felt that swimming was freshing enough for my body.

On last 21 April to be exact, my country celebrated Kartini day.  It's a symbol of Mrs. R.A. Kartini, as women emancipation up-holder.  So, the women in my house area carried out choir competition.

In Easter, we had devotion at school and egg decorating and Christmas card making cometitions.  I got many things at Indonesian Red Cross, one of which the way to help people who are hurt.

Beverly Sykes' pictures are cute.  I was happy to receive them.  Thank you, Beverly, for sending me the pictures and letter.  I was so happy to receive them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beautiful Letter from Shallon

Written 4/26/2012.  Much of this refers to questions I'd asked her.

My mother Beverly Syes,

Hi, Honey.  How sweet are you!  Let me take this opportunity to greet you.  Hey, my mother in Christ?  How are you and how is your life?  Back to me, I am okay.  I was very happy to see your letters and how isbaby Lacie?  In which part of Uganda did your husband and his sister visited?  I don't know much about baseball in America.  I have never seen the necklaces like these.

I fetch water for a distance of one kilometer away.  I go there every day.  No, there is no well around my home.

I can be happy when you come and give me a big hug.  In our home we have a newborn kitten.  At our school we have reached a topic called British Columbia in geography.  It is very hard like we are studying fishing in British Columbia that is very hard.

We are in rainy season.  We are planting beans and ground nuts.  Have you ever eaten beans?  How was Easter?

Keep with that spirit of loving me.  I am sending my prayers to you and your family.  In our country there is Queen Elizabeth national park. That is how God is great.

I was very surprised and grateful to hear you calling me a super star student and must maintain that you stated.  I need your prayers towards my studies because I changed the position in class and last term was 6th out of 35 and now I am 5th out of 39 students.  I am sending you my love to you.

In Corinthians, Chapter 1:4 there is thirty sayings so read them.  When I am at school, I spend my day studying and when I am at home I spend my day working.  When it is time to wake up I hear the bell ring.  I wake up and I wash plates and cups and sweeping compound.

How is  Polly now?  You ask me about my health.  How I have improved.  I eat beans and bananas.  I like to make small children smile.

I remain your daughter Katusiime Shallon.

I also received an updated photo of Shallon.

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Kiva Loan

 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help this woman buy shit!

Rugarama United group consists of 13 members, both male and female, located in the outskirts of Ibanda town in Uganda.

The members have lived and worked within the same locality for the past five years. The group was formed to support each other in meeting the needs of the individual members. They believe in togetherness in facing their daily challenges.

Margret, a member of the group, majors in agriculture, particularly in bananas and cabbages. She wants to buy manure to fertilise her garden so as to improve on her yields. At the moment, her harvests are about 500 cabbages in a good season, but with this loan, she hopes to double the harvest.

Margret started her business to supplement her husband's income. With income from cabbage sales, she with her husband have been able to pay school fees for all their children and also meet other needs.

Margret is excited that she will be able to complete her unfinished house. They have been building it for the past six years.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letter from Fred

This letter is dated June 26,2012

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian greetings!

Hi!  My schooling is fine.  Thank you for your letter.  The dragon ball is the toy you sent me.  My sisters are going to school also.  We often go together.  Our father fetches us.  Please pray that we will be far from danger and that I will be more kind.  Do you live near the school?  Here, mothers are fetching their children from school.  Thank you for everything