Thursday, April 25, 2013

A New Kiva Loan

We are going to Ukraine in August, so I chose Vera, who is from Ukraine for my next Kiva Loan.

Vera is from Novaya Kahovka, where she sells in one of the local markets. She sells women's clothing from space rented from the market administrators. She has been in this business for 17 years.

Vera has come to KIVA for financial help in the form of a 21,000 hryvnia loan for buying spring clothing, particularly blouses and plants, and also fake flowers to sell alongside the clothing. In Ukraine market sellers often mix different good together for sale to support their business, especially when business at the market is slow. Vera is also taking this approach for her business. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letter from Shallon

This is a red-letter week:  letters from my two favorite kids.  Today it is Shallon:

My dear mother in Christ, Beverly Sykes,

How are you and how is your life over there?  Back to me, I am fine.  I am very happy and proud of you.  I was happy when I received your gift.  My beloved mother, the gift you sent to me I bought the following things:

piglet   30,000
piglet house  40,000
deworming tablets  55,000
dress  20,000
sweets  200
Total:   95,200

I thank you very much.  I wish you well in all your daily activities.  It is Easter time.  I wish  that you celebrate the death of Jesus well. I thank you for your reply.  I always sing special Christmas songs.  The song I love is "Once in David's Loyal City."

I want to send the verse in the bible.  It is in Ephesians, Chapter 1:17.  It says that God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of glory may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.

We are also in dry season.  The trees are losing their beautiful leaves.  But we are planting beans such that we may not have famine.

I send my warmly greetings to Ned, Lacie, Brianna and the whole of your family members.

My goat was sick so on the gift you sent to me I used some money to buy de-worming tablets such that it can get better.  It is now doing well.

I send my prayers to you and your family.  Tell your friends that I love them.  Keep with that spirit of love you have.

May God bless you abundantly.

All from your daughter, Katusiime Shallon

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wonderful Letter from Fred!

It was such a wonderful surprise to open my mail today and find this photo of Fred and his family.  His father is holding little newborn Direk and his sisters are Danice and Diana.  It came with this letter:

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian Greetings!

Thank you for the gift I received.  I received a family gift worth 1,027.75 pesos (about $25)  We spent the money for the hospital bill when my mother gave birth.  My new sibling is a boy.  His name is Direk.

I like durian.  Thank you for the Peter Pan book.  I like the song "Pasko na Naman" means "It's Christmas again."  Thank you for praying for my mother.  Please ray that I will be a good brother. Do you like babies?  I really like that we have a baby.

Thank you for everything.  God bless you!