Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letter from Shallon

Isn't this a beautiful photo of Shallon?  I have been so concerned about her because she has not written in a long time and in her last letter she complained about some health problems, but yesterday I received an explanation of the health problems from Compassion, and then this great letter, thanking me for the money I sent for her birthday (we have the same birthday).

My mother in Christ, Beverly Sykes,

Let me first thank God who has given me this chance to write to you and greet you.  Hey, my friend.  I am very glad to hear that you have a newly born baby, Lacie.  How is Brianna?  I hope that God is amazing that he can do everything.

Thank you for the gift you have sent to me.  In this gift I bought the following items:

Shirt and Blouse

Thanks be to God.  I like puzzles.

My dear, this is bad news!  Our banana plantation has got banana wilt and we have famine in our home, so, my dear, I need your prayers.

I want to celebrate my birthday party on 17-02-2012.

My mother, I like to watch birds.

Your mother celebrated 92 years. Really this is a great thing.

I want to send you some verses because God has done something in myself.  It is in:

1 Timothy 4:6 and Psalm 37:3:6.

My dear, how was Christmas?  Back to me, Christmas was colourful.  I hope you have a good week.  May the Almighty God bless you too.

Your loving, faithful Katsuiime Shallon

Friday, March 23, 2012


I've just discovered that people are leaving comments on these entries!  For some reason I have not received notification of them.  I'm so sorry!  I promise to do better in responding after this.  Thank you for all the comments, suggestions, etc.  I get notification on my other blogs when people leave messages.  Anybody know how to make that setting on Blogger?  I've looked and can't find a setting!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Letter(s) from Henrique

Well, it sometimes happens that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.  After no mail in awhile, I received TWO letters about Henrique in Brasil, written by two different center monitors, a week apart.  They say essentially the same thing, but I will print them both...

Dear sponsor Beverly Sykes -- how are you doing?  I am Clara, the Projector's monitor, and I write on behalf of Henrique. He is a happy child who likes very much to play.  He doesn't know to read and to write (he's 5), but soon he will be writing a letter to you with his own handwriting.  Right now, he is on school vacation and he will be back to school in February.  He is attending our vacation Bible School and he said he enjoyed everything -- the games, puppet theater, and activities.  He thanks you for the gift you sent him -- he got a police car, a tractor and a ball and on recreation days he brings his ball to play with his friends.

Thank you for loving him and for believing in his future.

Love, Clara on behalf of Luiz Henrique

Hello, dear sponsor Beverly Sykes -- how are you doing?  I am Iolanda and I write on behalf of Luiz Henrique.  He is a happy child who likes to come to the Project and to attend the activities, especially recreational ones.  He is learning to copy things from the board and he is very interested in his studies.  Our vacation Bible school happened this month of January and he attended it and its theme was "we must spread love, peace and respect."  He and his mom are thankful for the gift you sent them -- he got a police car, a tractor and a ball.  Thank you for loving Luiz.

Iolanda, on behalf of Luiz.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Picture of Emmanuella

Compassion sesnt me a new photo of Emmanuella (after I requested it several times!)

As it turns out, I like the picture that came with her thank you letter better, so I am printing this one here, but using the one in the orange dress (with the hint of smile on her face) as the one that identifies her here on this site.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank You from Emmanuella

I received a thank you letter from Emmanuella in Ghana for her Christmas gifts.  Each year, all the children received gifts, whether their sponsor has sent money or not.  I send one check and it gets divided among all of my sponsored children.  I love this picture because I chose Emmanuella because she was dressed in raggedy jeans and looked like a sullen little boy.  To see her dressed in a new dress, with a hint of a smile is wonderful...and her letter (which she wrote herself, in English) was more personal than letters I get from many of my other children.

Dear Beverly.

Thank you very much.  May you receive everything you have spend on me in many folds.

My siblings are Felix, 2 years, and RoseMarie, 17 years.  Yes, I see butterflies in Ghana and Ilike its colours. Mavis' house (her friend) is far from my house, so we only meet at school.

Say hello to Brianna and Lacie and a big well done to your son and his wife.

I had a terrible experience two weeks ago when our house got flooded by heavy fain fall.  I had all my learning materials spoiled.

What are the names of your siblings and son?

I pray that God will protect Lacie from every sickness.

I want you to pray for me to be a good girl for God and my parents.


She also included a drawing of a computer.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Letter from Fred

Dear Auntie Sykes,

We are so happy for your new grandchild.  We are so excited for the time to be allowed by God that Fred could sit on that empty chair. (I'm not sure what that refers to, but probably something I said in a letter)  We wish to ride on that balloon someday. (I told him about my experience riding in a hot air balloon)

We like trees too.  They are very beautiful.  Here we hate windy season because many worms are eating those leaves but we have very many fruit trees here.  Do you have a lot of butterflies there now about worms?

I asked him what happens to his baby teeth when they fall out and told him about the practice of putting a tooth under the child's pillow.  We have also a practice here for tooth replacement.  The tooth just pulled must be put into the hole of the post of our house, then wait until a happy small mouse can see it.  As a reward she will give an exchange of brand new, strong tooth and she will let that appear on the exact location where the tooth had been pulled.  This will ease our fear for tooth extraction.

Please pray that Fred will pass his second grade.  Thank you for your goodness.

Fred's mother

As usual, there was a drawing by Fred of his house.

Somai from India

Compassion put out a call for more correspondence sponsors, to write to children whose sponsors don't write to them.  I decided to take on another child. 

Somai is a 6 year old boy, living with his mother and father in the Northeast section of Ranchi, which is in the northeast corner of India. 

He is responsible for gathering firewood, buying or selling in the market and  cleaning.  Both of his parents are farmers.

Walking and running are Somai's favorite activities.  In pre-school, his performance is below average.  He regularly attends church activities.

He shares a birthday with Peggy, February 18.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Letter from Anjali

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Warm greetings to you in the sweet name of Lord Jesus Christ.  Ireceived three letters from you.  Iam fine here.  I hope same with you there.  How is your husband's sister?  How is your grandchildren?  She is looking very nice.  Brianna also very cute.  I don't know about Friendship day.

We celebrated Independence day and Thanksgiving day very grand.

How is your daughter Jeri?  Iam very happy about your children.  How is Tom?  How is little Lacie?

We had retreat on (can't read the date).  That day we enjoyed a lot.  That day Ilearnt new action songs, played Bible games.  Every day I am remembering you in my prayer.  Thank you for your loving sponsorship.

Yours lovings child