Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter from Josphat

In this form letter, Josphat tells me about his community

I live in Kenya in Samburu County.  My community is located in the Northern part of Kenya and is in rural setting.  The main language spoken in this area is Samburu.  The common job in my community is cattle keeping.  The common type of transportation in my community is bus.  In my community the weather is mainly sunny, but now is cloudy and rainy.  The physical features in my community are hills and valleys.  The main religion in my community is Christianity.  One thing fun to do in my community is hunting with dogs.

Message to my sponsor:

Receive greetings from Josphat.  He hopes that you are doing well too.  He says that he is happy you sent a letter to him.  He is grateful for the game.  It took time to understand it, but it is enjoyable.  He promises that he will send you a game.  He asks you to pray for him to be in good health and to excel in education.   He finally says bye.

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  1. Wow, won't it be awesome if he sends you a game? That would be so much fun!