Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter from Kukuwah

The people in Ghana are making me crazy.  My letters from this 7 year old come from "Theresa," but Compassion has told me that her name is Kukuwah and one time I asked and they said she preferred "Kukuwah," but in this letter, written by someone else, she is referred to by both names!  The first part of this is a form she filled out and then there is a narrative later.


The name of my community is New Ebu.
My community is localted in a village
A common job in my community is farming
A common type of transportation in my community is Taxi
People in my community speak Fante
One fun game in my community is Ampe. (it seems that all the girls in African countries play Ampe, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and actually fund the game rules)

Thank you for your words of encouragement, pictures, stickers, prayers and sponsorship.

Please pray for a long life for me and my family.

The common crop my community grows is tiger nut (which is not a nut, but a tuber, like a potato)

Child's response to questions
Theresa says yes her country celebrates something like Easter within the year.  Kukuwah says Easter is her favorite holiday because it is school vacation and family come around.  Kukuwah says they go to church and prepare food for them.

Kukuwah says her project Christmas party was enjoyable to her.  She says they sing, run, and act, eat fried rice which she eat once while at the project center.  She said her Christmas party was fun.  She said they had their Independence on 6th March, which was holiday for all schools.  She said all the various schools in the country match on the Independence day.  She sad she did not know fireworks.

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