Saturday, May 10, 2014

Letter from Miche


Today it is a pleasure which is in my heart for writing you this letter.  How are you and your family doing?  Are your activities going well?  Here, everyone is very well, with the Almighty God.  My activities are going well.  I was very happy for the letters and the nice pictures.  I love to look at them with my friends.  I have a little member of my family who is afraid of looking at the dog.

Yes, there is a day of Thanksgiving in my country that they use to thank God.  I would like to know the name of your dog.

I will be in the period of Easter.  The project has many competitions -- proverbs, verses, and competition of text (poem, poetry).  Do you like that kind of activities.  I stay there.  I wish that you always remember me in your prayers and my family too.  I pray for you and your family.  I love you very much.  May God bless you and all your family.


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