Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Squeaky Wheel

I took on the sponsorship of a child in India 6 months ago.  I have sent multiple letters and 2 packages (I chose World Vision this time because you can send small packages, but to date have received no message from my newly sponsored child.  Because the area which this child lives is a "sensitive area," I am unable to print the name or any information about the sponsoring center.

I have written several times to World Vision about receiving nothing and each time am told that I should wait at least four months...then I write and point out is is significantly longer than four months.  Today I received a phone call saying that a letter would be in the mail, but that they had a digital version and did I want that e-mailed to me.  Did I?????

There is a handwritten letter from the child and a typed letters and though it is signed by my sponsored child, it seems  to have been written by an adult.  Anyway, here -- FINALLY -- is the start of this new correspondence.

and the additional letter says..
Greetings to you from our family members. Our family members are fine and in good health. I have received the letter , sticker, greeting photo, and small book. The gifts are good and much useful to me. I stick the sticker on my books. We as family thank a lot for your love and concern shown towards our family. I am regularly going to the school and doing the studies well.

The World Vision has done school wall painting regarding the awareness on the HIVAIDS and provided school bags to the school children and conducted life school transformational development program for the children in the communities. Children took active participation in the program and learnt songs and good moral stories. And also provided assisted for economic development of the poor family through milch animal for income generation activities,

All these facilities are being provided to our community because of your precious help. Once again we thank you for love and concern in helping us.

You loving Sponsored Child.

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  1. I'm so glad you finally received a letter!!! And it was full of wonderful details!!