Friday, June 5, 2015

Letter from Brayan

Brayan from Honduras is officially my very best letter writer!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

How is your health?  I hope you are well.  I thank you for all the letters you have sent me and I am very happy to reply.  It is so nice you are so attentive to your family and God will bless you more because you are helping your cousin.  Dogs are very loving when one treats t hem well and your cousin, it shows that she loves them very much.  Also thank you for all the photos in the name of Jesus.  Carolyn and her husband they will be in better health. The Lord Jesus is our best doctor that we could have.

In my country, Honduras, it is not too cold just when we are in winter.  At the time being it is very hot because we are in summer.  I feel very sad that in this season so many forests are on fire and nobody does anything and I am too young and my mom gets concerned if I go somewhere too dangerous.

It is nice that you are happy to help your cousin.  God will reward you so much in your mother's health and your cousin's too.  I will keep praying for your famiy and also for your cousin so it is God who does the miracle and also on your husband.

In my country of Zambrano there are many assistances, health centers, schools, kindergartens, CDC, churches, the community organization, several clinics, high schools.  There is someone who takes the mail. At the CDC Sister Jenny is the one responsible who is from the sponsorship and she takes it to Tegucigalpa to the Compassion offices.  In Zambrano there is no veterinarian yet but in Tegucigalpa there is.  There are people who take care of animals.  There a re people who pick up rash too in my town.  They clean the plaza and other places in town.  You are better prepared than our countr.  You are much better in assistance.

Greetings to Brianna and luck in the play.  I did not know what bowling was, but with the explanation you gave me, I understood and I will practice it to learn it very well.  Thank you for the explanation of bowling.  It is good that Brianna knows how to play it and she can teach it to others.  It is important. In my town in Zambrano there is no special place tobowl, but we play pretend with my friends.  In my town there are billiards and m mom says it is bad and I should not play it.

I would like to know what kind of checkup was your mother getting with the doctor?

What is the name of the tree that is in the snow?

I will continue to pray for your life and also for your family's.  I ask you to pray for me and also for my mom so she can have a permanent job.  She struggles with all her strength for us to be well.

God bless you always and your family.  May you receive much health from the Lord Jesus.  Until next time and thank you for your photos and letters.

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