Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Letter from Theresa

Theresa sends a form letter and then someone at her center writes a letter for her, which is kind of weird, in spots, when she answers my questions.

I get water from the tap
My house is made of mud
The floor of my house is made of earth
The roof of my house is made of tin
Do I have electricity in my house?  Yes
Thank you for your letter and sponsrship.
Child's prayer request:  Theresa wants you to tank the lord for her life.

I would like you to know more about my house:  Theresa's mother makes palm oil from palm fruits in their house.

Theresa says they grow food and vegetables for the family and also sell to get money.  She said no, because she has not seen some before (I am guessing this is in reference to my asking her if she had ever seen snow...but I'm not sure!)  

Theresa said she is doing well.  She said she do not know what is bowling.  She said the helpers they have in her community are the only health center.  She said it only happen a while which she did not know it was earthquake.  She said no.  She has never experienced any of them.

Theresa said Ghana is very hard and struggling.

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