Saturday, June 6, 2015

Letter from Divine


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Your child, Divine, greets you in the name of Jesus and she is doing well together with her family, even though her siblings were suffering from malaria some days ago.  Her brother was bit by a dog.  She wants to be a medical doctor.

She has 70% marks.  They've started the 2nd term and she is deetermined to study hard.  She happily celebrated Easter day.  she was dressed in a new dress and so beautiful.  She sang in choir and rejoiced with her fellows over the resurrection of Jesus.

She wishes you the peace of God.  She thanks you for your 3 letters and the picturesyou sent.  They pleased her so much.  She keeps looking at the pictures.  What about Sonia?

We don't have dogs here.  the weather is now moderately rainy here and it's so nice.


  1. So sad that her brother was bitten by a dog! Funny that she says they don't have dogs there though... lol! Probably she means they don't have dogs as pets?

  2. Yes, I was thinking that was probably what she meant.